What am I doing wrong?

I’m not good with Rose and need some advice on what I’m doing wrong. I keep losing to people like the one in this video.
At the end of the first match, I meant to do fierce after the raging demon but got the wrong move.

1:48 - You can do a soul throw off of the Soul Satellite when you knock them out of the air like that.

On the last match the Akuma player just resorted to fireballs. You should of absorbed them so that you can gain meter

With Rose, spacing right is the key to everything. You’ll eventually get it down as you play more.

Hello, I’m the one who commented on Youtube itself. It’s mostly what the guys above have said though.

In the future, I recommend using the “Psychic Hotline…” thread instead of making a new one, for comments and critiques. Hope to see you 'round. :woot:

Thanks for the help guys. I know I’m really bad at reflecting and absorbing, so I’ll need to work on that. Also, I didn’t know that you could reflect the orange fireball so I was just blocking whenever I saw it. When I was close to him, I was sitting there because I was expecting him to do a shoryuken when he got up. Btw, where can I find what those terms mean like meaty and frame traps?
Also sorry I created a thread. Didn’t know the video thread was for posting stuff like this so I just created a thread.
Is there a certain way to use Ultra 1? I only started playing Rose in Super and have been using Ultra 2 ever since so I have no clue how to use Ultra 1. Everytime I use it I can’t get it to hit.

U1 is usually used to catch people jumping in. Its startup is very slow, so you need to have either really good reactions or predict that the opponent is going to jump in order to use it effectively. You seem to be quite new to the game, so I wouldn’t worry about things like meaties and frame traps, but:

A meaty is an attack that hits the opponent while they’re waking up. These are used to keep pressure on the opponent and can also set up for frame traps.

A frame trap is a sequence of moves that is designed to counter-hit an opponent if they do an attack that isn’t a reversal. It’s not something you should worry about right now, but a good, simple one is a farly-spaced hard soul spiral into cr.mp, which you can combo into medium spiral. An easy way to set this up is to use cr.mk at a far range, then go into the hard spiral.

Just started playing Rose myself but the way I use U1 is too focus cancel an ex soul spark into U1. Anything that combos into ex soul spark can lead into U1. An easy one is s.lp, c.lk, c.mp xx ex soul spark, fadc, U1.

Like I said I’m new to Rose so I don’t know if that’s good use of meter since I don’t know how much she relies on meter yet. But I don’t too much like U2 so I have to use what works for me.

The way I use U1 is:

  • People that have slow fireballs and a lot of recovery
  • People that tries to focus my fireball
  • When playing the fireball war, I something soul spark FADC and if I see the opponent throw another fireball I use U1
  • People jumping and have no way to escape my U1
  • I would never use 3 EX bars just to link U1 unless it I’m pretty sure the damage will win me the match

I usually use U2 when I know there’s no way for me to land u1 (sagat, dee jay etc) or if I think the character can pressure me took (makoto, yun, etc)

Your posting instead of practicing. Practice will make you better than listening to advice from here, not that srk isn’t helpful. However, srk info is only helpful in specific circumstances like “how do I punish x with y”, not “how do I get better”

that’s very true here’s some more:

  • people who do overhead combo(specially after knockdown)
  • activate it when you see them do ultra and your smile will reach your ears
  • focus attack is best setup for ultra 1
  • when you see them do FA (there’s no escape as long as their in your range)
  • you need to be legendary psychic to use U1 :stuck_out_tongue:

heh yea

haha I even surprise myself when I’m facing chun li and the moment I hear say “kik” (kikouken) I just do my ultra when I’m range. And this has happen so many times >_>. Same thing when I hear dhalsim say “yoga” lol

I hear that it comes naturally especially those shoto’s you are indeed psychic :rock: oh well so much for u1.

Alright. Thanks. Sort of have an idea of what U1 is for now. I’ll start using that now and try to get use to it.