What am I doing Wrong?

I’m having some trouble pulling off certain combos in trial mode. Im able to do the simple L,M,H,Launch combos with no problem, but for some reason combos that would seem easy are not working for me. For example Ken’s trial #10 is: Stand M punch, crouch M kick, H Spinning kick. I connect with M punch, but somehow crouching M kick geys blocked. What is the timing for these combos and are they the same for each character?

The way to figure out timing for links is if the move does not come out then you have pushed the button too fast
if the move comes out but gets blocked then you were pushed too slow

the lmh launch stuff are chains, and don’t really take specific input timings, just hit the buttons in order on time. What you described afterwards is a link, which can’t be done the same way, you have to wait for the previous input to connect before doing the next button. Basically, if the attack doesn’t happen, you pressed the attack too fast, if it came out but didnt combo/was blocked then you pressed too slow

Oh okay that makes sense. So whats the general rule of thumb? Should I mash the second move or wait?

No … mashing might work sometimes, but you’ll never get consistent results with it. You just need to learn and practice the timing.

Try to press the next attack when you see your arm/leg coming back from attack right before the link after the link you can almost mash the rest out

Actually, this is a spacing affect for some normals,
notice when close MP, Ken throws a right hook, and when spaced he throws a straight right punch

What you want to do is space ken so his toes are just touching (or close to) Kazama’s toes,
now try the link-combo and should get it after you get the timing (as now its possible)

I was doing the trail last night too. I skip a few of the beginning trail as some of the ones connect but ended up doing a launcher instread of a heavy kick.

Look at some trials. Most of the times for them, if the normal moves go from a lower strength to a higher one and the following special move is an EX special move, that should be a chain. Something like “standing medium punch, crouching medium punch, heavy medium punch, EX-Dragon punch”; you will need to adjust your timing between the standing and crouching medium punches, but you’re free to chain and spam the medium and heavy ones.

I haven’t done Ken’s trials yet, but if that portion of the trial is right at the beginning and the standing medium punch is the first in the series, charge up a counter hit before you engage. I think Ken’s charge up move is the hurricane kick. When you get counter hits, they enable you to combo a little easier.