What am I likely doing wrong (Tenrai to ex Kazekiri)

Ok. I suck (self admitted) but have fun anyway. I can do all combos relatively quickly in the trials except 1. Vol 2 -10

I can’t connect the Tenrai (mp+mk) to the EX Kazekiri. I know I’m doing the ex kk right. I’ve turned on the inputs and see it. I’m using a hit box stickless controller also. I’ve only been able to connect it once and then I guess I didn’t hold the kick long enough for the Kunai in the air. I’ve tried slowing down, doing at last second, tried starting move while still doing Tenrai, hell I tried mashing in the hopes to get lucky. Is it possible to still do this combo with latest patch? Here is a YouTube of the combo in case people don’t know what I’m taking about.

@mfer I think I know what the problem is.

This is a very timing specific juggle into the MP+MK V Skill. Firstly make sure you’re using the charged V Skill by holding the buttons down for about a second. Past that, basically there’s a specific point where Ryu goes up in the air where you need to charge the V Skill for it to work

There I took a picture of about the individual frame you need to start charging the V Skill in order to get enough height to land the EX DP. This is a strangely timing sensitive combo for the trials. Basically if you dont charge V Skill IMMEDIATELY as Ryu gets to about that point in the air you wont have time to land the EX DP. What makes it tougher is I believe if you charge it too early before that point, the V Skill wont land. There’s likely only a 2 frame or so window to charge the V Skill at the right point to make it work.

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Yes, I’m unfortunately very familiar with premature vskill on this one! :-/
I can’t find the sweet spot, but you are telling me

  1. It is possible in season 3
  2. The timing to do this transition is very tight.
    Inferred item…
  3. More practice just to get my level up without game improvement! :frowning:

I just looked at YouTube in more detail and paused it. The Tenrai doesn’t even look like it should hit in this video.

Well, wanted to say thanks to @DevilJin_01

Your YouTube pause made me do the same and see the flaw in this combo. You are doing a premature whiff IMHO to get this combo to connect. I finally got it tonight. I still think the timing from Tenrai to Kazekiri is way to small.

My method to get this to work was j.hp hp ex Kunai Tenrai hold (then slide fingers to lk hold near end of Tenrai) ex kasekiri release lk ex Raida. whew
Will never use in a battle. :wink:

Now I can focus on working on my frame traps. One thing at a time. This damn trial was bugging me bad!

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No problem. Yeah it’s a really stupid combo. Basically the V Skill is landing on the very last active frame that it can hit the opponent to give enough height for the juggles. The fact that you have to hit the V Skill at a random point in space as he’s flying up in the air makes it so it would be really stupid to try consistently in a match.