What am i missing. Srk fadc to redfire ball help



I played akuma since i unlocked him but i have never been able to fadc into a red fireball.
the last couple of day i have been really trying to get it down it training mode but it always
comes out late. i started by trying to use lp srk but after watching alot of videos it seem like you
have to use hp srk. so i started practicing that instead. but i have same issue. i tried doing using
the EX red fireball but even that misses. is there something im missing.

Hp srk - on the third hit focus attack - dash cancel - red fireball.



it is probably the fact that you are waiting to long to execute the red fireball. don’t get me wrong i get it about 70% of the time. the one advice i can give you is when u dash cancel buffer the red fireball.


also use lp or mp srk instead of hp.

Other than that, just practice, it’s really easy


Just to piggyback what super said. I had the same problem for awhile too. All you have to do is use LP SRK. It’s the most reliable. I have landed all 3 hits of the red fireball on occasion with HP SRK but it’s very rare. It’s not too hard. Just keep practicing it. It’ll come to you soon enough.


Yeah, lp srk is easiest plus most damaging when fadc’d. Input the focus dash right after you input the dp, you almost wont even see the animation. When you input the second 6 of your dash, use that as the 6 to start up your heavy red fire ball. Be sure to have completed the input including the hp before Akuma finishes moving forward in his dash. This combo is important when you need to squeeze out just a little more stun for the dizzy.


lp. srk, when you FADC, hit the direction+ focus, then let go and hit the direction again.

it’ll look like: :r: + (:mp:+ :mk:), :r:
releasing mp+mk after the second direction input.

your best bet is to slow down and control the movements. when i first started doing it i had problems because i felt i had to rush.


I find it easy to just buffer hcb into the dash then hit fierce. Best thing is hcb has somewhat of shortcut to where you dont have to hit f but only df.


Dash & FADC at the same time. (I tend to do MK+MP x 2 along with the dashes)

Also in terms of damage,

After a LK tatsu, LP SRK is best option

For hitting someone of the ground, MP SRK (all 2 hits) to Shaku does most damage.

HP SRK will always do 2 hits of the shaku if you let all 3 hits hit. EX SRK will only give you 1 hit of the shaku

This is all due to each moves juggle potentials


Im having the very same problem landing that move and it seems as if its a basic go to combo if you have meter. I was actually practicing that move this morning. But just like everyone else said light punch srk is the easiest. And if it helps, check out lordultima on youtube. He has a ton of Akuma video tutorials and he has a 9-minute combotrary discussing this very combo and many more. I would post the link but Im working on a new mac so I dont know all the nuts and bolts. But type in lordofultima on youtube. he even shows his hand movements while doing the moves. Good Luck


What he said…


I’m not sure what you are specifically doing wrong, but one of the tendencies that I had and some that my friends still have are that they are triple or maybe even quadruple tapping forward after a FADC to make sure that they have at least dashed. Once you get to the point where you know that just double tapping will get you the dash it’s fairly straight forward. I usually buffer all of my ultras within the dash animation with characters like Ryu or Ken. So remember that right after you tap the second forward just use that first forward to go into the half circle back motion to complete the Shakunetsu Fireball. Watch out though, I had a bad tendency when I first started to get the hang of it to return to forward after the Half Circle Back and it’ll take it as a Dragon Punch instead of a Shaku. Other than that, it’s all practice. I will also recommend that you check out Loltima’s tutorial videos. They are extremely helpful.


Well the lp srk is the best to use because ultimately it results in the most damage, its to do with the damage scaling or something.

Anyways, best advice I can give is to get used to doing the fadc straight away after your srk. You need to be able to do it to the point where you are no longer thinking about doing it. I used to have a problem with actually dashing out of the focus. A lot of the time I was just doing a focus attack, leading me to look very silly.

In the end I realised I was trying to do it too quickly and was actually pressing forward before pressing mp+mk, which meant I wasn’t dashing out of the focus at all. Once I realised that, I hit training mode until I could do it consistently. I still mess it up occasionally but going back to basics helped me understand where I was going wrong.

If I was you, I would turn the input data on in training mode, set super bar to refill or infinite, set stun to off and get busy.

Also I don’t know if this will help you but here is the inputs I use to do it.

:r::d::df::lp: :r:+:mp:+:mk: :hcb: :hp:
I don’t let go of :mp:+:mk: until I hit the forward motion of :hcb:
This is VERY important otherwise you will have random focus attacks coming out all over the place.



well after a few day of trying it on the fight stick i switch back to the 360 controller.
and within a few hours was able to do it. but using the pad really fucked all the work
i put in on the stick cause now i cant do shit on it…


What are you missing? Practice. /thread.


Here you go:


  1. Remember to hold MP+MK down when dashing, and while everyone has his own opinion on how to FADC ; MP+MK+F. F will work all the time for you.
  2. You will always have plenty of time to :hcb:+:hp: after your fa dash


You can juggle up to 4 additional hits after lk.tatsu:

  1. lp srk > fadc > redball 130+150 = 280, 400 stun
  2. mp.srk > fadc > redball 160+100 = 260, 300 stun
  3. hp.srk > fadc > redball 190+50 = 240, 250 stun

why lp.srk is preferred and always used. no reason not to


^^That’s not strictly true, but i’m getting anal now)^^

You It’s all down to the moves Juggle counters, you see when an enemy is in juggle everyhit you do to keep them in it raises the counter by one.

LK Tatsu = Special “float” juggle, everything including normals will hit during this state (Other attacks that have this charecteristic is Kens Counter hit SRK & Gens Super etc) This is classed as JP0 (Juggle Point 0)

LP SRK = Standard knockdown, whether opponentn is in “Float” juggle or not this will always cause standard knockdown Standard knockdown has the class of JP1

**Shakanetsu Hadouken = ** Shakanetsu hits any float state upto & including JP3 (3 consecutive hits to a juggled target) for all hits of the Shaku. So basically with a LP SRK after Tatsu

LK Tatsu = JP 0
LP SRK = JP = + 1 = JP1
Shaku = JP = + 1 = JP2
Shaku = JP = + 1 = JP3
Shaku = JP = + 1 = JP4

Now on JP4 Shaku will not hit. This is why doing a HP SRK after a LK Tatsu will only result in one hit of the Shaku (2 if you FADC after the second hit)

Want to maximize damage you can tack on an EX Tatsu after thie for 2 hits because every hit has a juggle potential of 5 [JP5] (After a LK Tatsu ->LP SRK -> HP Shaku the enemy is on JP4, meaning it will hit twice) & with EX Shaku you can link the EX Tatsu mid screen.

Which is also why MP SRK is best to do on a grounded enemy. First hit doesn’t cause a knockdown, second hit does, which means the full shaku will hit. 330 damage for a relatively safe 2 move combo as scaling dosn’t even apply if they are the only 2 moves you do. (Nice wakeup attempt, similair to what alot of Ryu’s do)

This means Akuma has genuine use for every variation of his SRK

P.S - Akuma EX SRK also causes knockdown on all the hits of it, meaning if you FADC after the final hit you’ll get a measly one hit of the Shaku.

still bring you all useless information :slight_smile:


My mistake


video was very helpful



awesome. gl and keep at it