What American player has the best makoto?



I know there’s a hand full of top tier makoto players that are Jap, even the French have some of the best Makoto’s players but when it comes to American players, who do we have? I know J Wong and combofiend toyed aground with her but they have quite a few Mains and I’m sure they won’t rely on her to win a major EVO tourney. Flashmetroid but he completely dropped her. So who’s left? Who we got?


I considered Strider the best American Makoto back in AE. He probably still is, though he’s dropped her for to return to Abel.


I checked him out, his Abel far greater then his makoto. His makoto didn’t really strike me as dominate but good which isn’t bad.





Combofiend has a nasty pocket Makoto.


Let evo decide it


aren’t you like damn near top 10 online in the world? lol


Yeah I am, though I still feel like I could be a lot better.


What about Guilty? on a side note, I’ve noticed that in the US no one really plays or rather sticks with the more abstract characters like Makoto, Dudley, Guy, E Ryu etc. Everyone just sticks with Viper, Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Rufus Sagat etc. But the Japanese on the other hand (France also, Vryu is beast) you can find a dedicated top level player for almost all the non standard characters. Whats up with that? does the U.S just ‘‘pick a top tier’’ ? I would think someone as good as J-wong or Ricky Ortiz could play anyone they want at a high level but even they just stick to boring Rufus -_-. I wonder if it’s just a difference in mindset? Japanese players playing characters because they like them vs U.S playing whoever they have the best shot at winning with?.

Even though U.S tournaments are hype I really only like watching Japanese competitions because I know someones gonna bust out with a crazy Makoto or a Dudley or maybe even some E.ryu. Hell even guy.

I really wish there was some American Makoto’s that frequented tournaments so I’d have someone to cheer for.


I though vryu was from Switzerland? The man is a genius and speaks at least 3 languages. I hate him out of sheer jealousy lol.
Negrowp1z online used to do well. IMO back when I was still heavy into it Tyler was the best American Makoto I had seen. I remember strider and i used to go back and forth with Makoto… But you know how the mirror is. His Abel can’t seem to turn OFF beast mode though lol. IMO it would be between strider and Tyler of the people I’ve played


US, everyone and Akuma don’t belong in the same thought :stuck_out_tongue:


I would say Strider or Combofiend, but then again Strider doesn’t play her now and Combofiend is coorporate now :stuck_out_tongue: I just don’t think Combofiend’s Makoto has gotten enough time to shine in the public eye. I’ve watched enough offline WNF matches back in the early days of AE where I was horribly impressed.


Hehehe well it’s true, there arent that many Makotos here. While I’m probably not the best, it’s sort of my goal to try and fill the void and bridge the gap between overseas Makoto with American Makoto.


I’ve never played a Makoto that is better than I was at my prime. Haitani and I have the same game plan. The thing that makes him better than me are very small subtle things that make a world of difference. If you notice during all of his evo 2013 matches he wasn’t getting punished for jumping at all practically. I’ve been analyzing his matches ever since his vampire savior days and I’m pretty sure I have a handle on why he is very rarely punished in the air. If you look at how well he mixes up ia tsurugi, neutral jump lk > karakusa, nj empty jump, and nj. delayed tsurugi–it becomes very hard to tell if you should press a button. I honestly think the only reason he lost was because Japan has no boxer players. The worst part about it is that boxer is a bad matchup for makoto :frowning: When you couple that with PR Balrogs skill level I pretty much knew he wouldnt win, although i didn’t want to believe it.

Note: I don’t think I’m the best, its just based on my experience.


Kinda sucks that no one is really playing her at a high level on the major tournament scene in the USA. I want a Makoto player to cheer for.


I’m super rusty but im playing on pc right now if anyone wants to join. wirestyle22