What Animated 2D will last the long term?!


so let me state this right off the bat… im a 3D fighter at heart. As of late im finding them rather blah… BlazBlue grab me by the balls and i feel in love, but… it seems it kinda falling out of favor of the community (no evo love).

So my question is since there is so many new 2D fighters emerging that just look so damn good, i dont know which is worth the time sink (married man here ha).

P4, BB, SG… who do you think in the long term take the crown.


seems like KoF13 is the only true 2D fighter with apparent staying power. P4 is anyones guess right now


yeah i kinda figured with it being so new…


Japan doesn’t give a shit and plays everything. Even old games still get regular play and tournaments.
In America they play whatever has Ryu in it and doesn’t have a lot of timeouts.


Go to where the money is.






Guilty Gear.


Persona IV and Skullgirls will probably outlast KOF since Persona has lots of good online options and it will have an even larger pool of players than BlazBlue in Japan and the rest of the world. Reverge Labs will continue to add patches and updates to Skullgirls in the mean time and we can expect all sorts of stuff in the future. It wouldn’t surprise me if they eventually patched in lobbies with a DLC character down the road.

KOF’s online it just too weak for it to last with mid and low level players. It’ll do okay at tournaments though.


Wasn’t there a similar thread to this like what has the best 2d animations or something…

But anyways the current anime games, Skullgirls and KOF13 will all look good for a long time probably Blaz Blue will be the first to fall out but the other ones were ade so high res that when our screens get better they will still look good. But really 2D fighting games in general can look good 10-20 years after the fact.

Edit: read the OP wrong i still believe in what I said. KOF13, Persona, when Skullgirls gets more characters, and Aquapazza are the ones I think will push the 2D forward with


they’ll also add a lot of shades. adding shades nowadays makes the characters look cooler, not only in videogames.


this sounds like a versus thread to me, which are against the rules


These sorts of questions are better decided by:

First, shortlist the games based on whether you like them and enjoy playing them. Then:

  • Do you know any friends that play these games? Pick the one you have the most/best friends play.
  • Do you require good online play? Pick the one with the best online.
  • Do you participate in your local scene? Pick the one with the largest local scene for you.
  • Are you going to EVO? Pick the one most likely to be at EVO.
  • Does your wife look like she might try FGs? Pick the one she is most likely to play.


FGs are pretty social so the game itself is usually a secondary consideration. No point spending time on the game you love the most if you have noone to play it with.


on console or on you?


Persona 4 Arena will. KoFXIII hopefully will.


I’ve been cracking out pretty hard to P4… matter of fact i got 4 friends to pick up, one even loved it so much he bought his first stick. my wife is playing it too ha(she really doesn’t playing anything beyond 3rd strike, and tekken). matter of fact we hooked up with a local game shop, the owner said he would host a P4 tourny… so its a great start for me haha.


Yeah P4A is getting alot more success than I predicted, which makes me really happy to see as I’m a fan of both ASW games and Persona. I have to agree with the majority of the people here in which KOF, ASW games, and any other indie fighters are gonna keep the 2D trend, and honestly I vastly prefer the pure 2D look for fighters. I wonder, if for some miraculous reason, there was a Capcom vs. SNK 3 would it be pure 2D or would they go with the visual style of SF4?


SNK is the king of 2D, look at DAT yagami team stage in KOF 95, a masterpiece full of details.

I hope KOF and GG stay 2D, I like my P4 being an RPG and I don’t care about BB


Play KOF… It’s Baller as fuck!
Play MVC2… It is timeless!
Play GG for your anime-Airdasher fix.


So is this thread asking which current 2D fighters will, basically, stand the test of time, or which 2D fighters will stand the test of time, period? Cuz there are 5 fighters I’m thinking of that have already stood and passed that test; 2 of which are well over a decade N’ a half old.


I love how you think Marvel is where the money is. lol