What API Does Taito Type X2 Arcade unit use?

What API Does Taito Type X2 Arcade unit use?
Curiosity question, im guessing the standard directx 9.0c since its ran off windows xp sp2, but i could be wrong.
in short this is used for all of the latest fighting arcade units.

or if theres other types of arcade units used for the same games then feel free to share that info.

or maybe its dependant on the third party developers of each game for which api they choose to code for, who knows?

I know that Shikigami No Shiro III runs on that same setup. probably the other shikigami games too. you can actually download shikigami no shiro III PC retail version just to see how bad it runs on a new computer compared to the arcade version. delete it after your quick test. for some strange reason, it runs fine in the arcade on much less capable hardware. the retail version is a directx9 game but has no support for the native tate resolution of the arcade game when in fullscreen mode. however, it runs at its native resolution and aspect ratio in window mode with an acceptable frame rate. the funny thing is, there is a taito x emulator that runs these games perfect but I have not tried it myself.

there is also a netplay patch for Blazblue Continuum Shift