What arcade joystick to use to insert an xbox one pcb to make it compatible


so far i have mayflash arcade stick, and hori real arcade pro 3 ps3 joystick, and i will get the Qanba Q1 PS3 & PC Joystick (Fightstick) soon, will xbox one pcb fit into these arcade stick that i have and the last one i’m going to get???

just curious


it can, if you know what your doing



i was referring to Qanba Q1 PS3 & PC Joystick as last


Hori Hrap 3, no problems at all
Qanba Q1, you might have to do some case cutting
mayflash - would be tough


case cutting???

figures about the mayflash, and that was my first mod :(, oh well, i’ll use cronusmax for that one


case cutting
Sometimes you hate to cut out extra support structure inside to make some parts fit.

Careful the Cronusmax is known to damage USB ports


whoa really, damn it… i think i should buy a tournament edition then, what about regular size like SFIV mad catz


My advice would be to just sell all of those sticks, grab a wooden case from either @magocyber‌ or @NiteWalker‌, a ps360+ and xbone pcb and call it a day :stuck_out_tongue: it will save you a bunch of time and stress.


Mayflash and Qanba Q1 is bottom of the barrel any ways.
The Hrap 3 is the only decent stick out of the group.


what about madcatz tournament edition sticks should i get that… bottom of the barrels??? does that mean that mayflash is terrible, i did mod it such as replace the stick and buttons and solder as well


doesn’t that cost more???


@slawrence The costs would be much more, but the change that you get from selling the older sticks would be a big help and having that setup would be well worth it unless you’re a stick collector.


Mayflash isn’t regarded as a good stick
and I personally dislike Qanba, and the Q1 cut is there cheapest stick.

Mad Catz sticks, even the ones with knock off parts help set the bar for the whole arcade industry, it got Hori to shape up and become a better manufacturer.
Arcade sticks are a niche market, but it was much more niche of a market before Mad Catz came in with the SE and TE. Before that Hori only made sticks as once in a while limited product runs
Now Hori makes a serious line of new sticks every year if not every quarter

You usually get what you paid for, especially with custom sticks.
(Amazon and eBay prices are the exception)

Agreed 110%



And your response is?


i’ll keep my arcade sticks… and research more on qanba q1 while use my hori arcade stick as my first compatible for xbox one

also i’m not a pro on telling which on arcade stick better, but i thought that was opinions only and the reason i buy new sanwa buttons and stick to make it better


Installing Sanwa parts made your Mayflash a much better stick, it was the stock parts that were ass.

A few people have reported pcb problems with Quanbas, but as long as yours works, you’re good. A miniscule amount of lag here and there isn’t going to be noticeable unless you’re playing at a very high level.

As for adding an Xbone pcb, if you’ve got the soldering skills, available space is the largest constraint. I haven’t opened a Q1, so I don’t know how much space you would have to work with. A Madcatz TE would provide plenty of space.


For me the Mayflash, the PCB and case design is ass too. Too much has to be done to make quality parts fit a Mayflash.
The Q1 uses clones of Sanwa parts, so sanwa should fit, but I don’t like there pCB design or plastic case.

Buying an el-chepo stick and trying to upgrade isn’t always cheaper or better


How so Darksakul?? I thought it wouldn’t matter when I switch the buttons of mayflash to sanwa buttons and jlf joystick as well meaning it moves like the regular arcade stick

is there something that my mayflash lacks on even it’s modded

I still feel like qanba q1 could help me since i’m a tight budget person

I just feel confused about your opinions about the arcade sticks i have so far… I feel fine with them, i’m not pro gamer or go to tournaments, but just want to learn how to use my arcade sticks on ps3 an xbox one


I would keep the HRAP3 as a main stick and sell everything else. The xbone pcb will fit in the HRAP3 just fine. You can always buy a reliable ps3 te (don’t recommend rd1 because of pcb issues)