What arcade stick(s) should I buy?

Hi, I have both a 360 & a PS3. I don’t have a arcade stick for either.

With Soul Calibur 4 coming out soon I’m considering picking one up.

With the game being available for both platforms I can get a 360 stick of a PS3 stick.

Whichever I get it for I will inevitably get a stick for the other console too.

Here’s my conundrum…

I’ve looked at the 2 SC4 Hori sticks. The 360 one seems to have a better layout as far as spacing between the buttons & stick, as well as the slope/incline of the buttons. Using photoshop aligning the buttons to arrive at this data.

Soul Calibur 4 Hori Stick 360/PS3 photoshop layer comparison

original unphotoshopped amazon images

Now I like the artwork of the PS3 version better, but the button layout not as much.

The other options are a PS3 Tekken 6 stick &/or a 360/PS3 Street Fighter 4 stick.

I’ve been told by some1 who avow/claims to be on the design team that the SF4 stick will be very good. So I believe there’s one in the works.

But does anybody know if there will be a Tekken 6 stick, sort of like this Tekken 5 stick ([which apparently had only 20,000 made to be sold in the U.S.](http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/tekken5/news.html?sid=6117835


Tekken 5 Stick

So… should I get one of the SC4 Hori sticks now; or wait & get a Tekken 6 stick (if one is even being planned/made?) & a SF4 stick for 360?

Opinions? Ideas? Suggestions?


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If you can wait i’d wait on the SF4 stick if you need something now, i’d go with the 360 stick. however if you plan on playing T6 then you might as well get the PS3 stick for sc and use it along with the T6 (who knows when thats going to get released)

k. ty i’ll take a look.

That’s what I was thinking. But it seems like the stick & the buttons are pretty close on the PS3 SC4 hori stick, & the buttons slope down after the second row. as opposed to the Tekken 5 stick where they graduate up slowly. I realize it’s a little irrelevant since Tekken only uses 4 buttons (5 for tag), but if im not mistaken SC cabinets graduate upward w/ buttons. I’m trying to figure out what would be most true to the arcade experience.

Does anybody know what fighting games use the up, then down, button slope of the Hori PS3 Fighting Stick/SC4 stick?

For the PS3 stick, the lsat2 up and down buttons are not part of the standard. The first three of the Ps3 stick and the 360 stick are standard of Japanese Cabinets. But the problem with the Ps3 stick is that the first two buttons are L1/L2, making them useless forcing you to use the last 3, unless you realize all you have to do is just switch the connections around.

If you really want a simple(Costly) solution that will fix ALL of your problems, is to get a Dual PCB single USB stick. As in PS360 compatible, as it uses PCBs for both systems. I only say it’s simple because you can pay someone to do it, and costly because whether or not you do it yourself, it’s gonna cost a decent amount of money.

The ps3 stick would be better if the layout wasn’t so retarded. The 360 stick is pretty good actually. What I would do is get a converter for ps2 to ps3 and get a MAS or hori HRAP. Great sticks that will run you your money, but well worth it. But if its the ps3 or 360 stick you posted, I would get the 360 stick. The layout is better and has that arcade feel. The ps3 stick would be WAY better if the last two buttons did not dip.