What Arcade Stick shall I get (As a newbie)

I’m new here, and I’m deciding to get a arcade stick. I’ve stuck to the pad / keyboard for a while now, and even my brother has an arcade stick.
I’m planning on getting the Hori Fighting Stick Mini.
Any ideas?

What kind of budget do you have and what systems are you planning to use the stick on? Got a couple things to consider…

Either way, Darksakul’s post at the top of tech talk would be a good read for you.

Thanks, I only have below a hundread :frowning:

You can get a nice stick for under $100 if you keep an eye on the trading outlet here.

I would just save that money up for a better stick.

Mad Catz WWE Bral Stick is $80, you did miss out the sale Gameshark store had in December when they were $25.

But I go with DonkeyBlonkey’s idea and save up where you can dab a stick for $150 not including S&H and tax.

Try the Trading outlet or your local Classifieds(craigslist).

You should be able to get a second hand Mad Catz TE/Hori HRAP for that price with possibly shipping included(majority of the Trading Outlet posts are within the US which offer cheap or shipping included in the price). I really recommend the Mad Catz Tournament Edition, FightStick Pro, Hori Real Arcade Pro or Soul Calibur/Tekken Tag Tournament 2 stick because they already come equipped with arcade standard parts so it saves you the trouble of buying buttons and a stick lever and also saves you the trouble of labor if the stick you buy doesn’t come with quick disconnects.

$100 bucks and actually reading the stickies works wonders.

Thanks guys, but I’m kinda forgetting about the sticks.