What arcade sticks do we all use?


That’s what I’m using. I have a TE PRO as well but I prefer this one.

My question was simply what sticks do the Sakura players here use.

If you have been “using a pad for a very long time. I just decided to use a stick (after all of these years)”, then that thread will be helpful to you. If you don’t wish to look at that information, that is up to you; there is no need to have an attitude when someone tries to help you.


What attitude?!?
I did look at the information. I figured you were trying to tell me there was already an arcade stick thread out there. I mean, all you did was post a URL with no information on what your intentions were. 0_o

In addition to that there’s also What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

But, in all honesty, if you’re looking to get a good stick, get one with Sanwa parts, or that can be easily modded with Sanwa or Seimitsu parts; those with Sanwa parts will almost certainly accept Seimitsu parts.

Between the two arcade brands, it’s just preference. The general preference is all Sanwa, which is why most higher-quality factory sticks come with Sanwa parts. Between getting a HRAP VX-SA and a TE, for example, just pick the one you think looks the best, honestly, same parts. Anything that uses lesser parts will work fine too, but they tend to be unfavorable for their lack of durability, mushier feel, etc. You’ll eventually want the higher quality stuff, you can certainly execute a good bit better on authentic parts over knock-offs.

Me? I like my all Seimitsu stick built from a TEK-CASE.

Madcatz BrawlSticks with Sanwa parts swapped in. It probably wouldn’t work if I wasn’t skinny lol, they’re small boxes.

Freakin’ Kayo Police plays with a HRAP VLX!

I personally believe that a stick has nothing to do with a character.

I don’t think you’re gonna find a stick that’s better with Sak over Sag, and so on and so forth.

Just find a stick you’re comfortable with, and go from there.

I use the Qanba Q4.

Why do you use that stick? What do you like about it?

It has a very large base, and I enjoy that, the buttons are pronounced, and the balltop feels like I’ll never lose it.

But my friend, who plays on a Hrap VX-SA says it feels like “Fisher Price” stick.

Another friend, who plays in the TE Madcatz says the ball is too big for his hand, so it really is all a matter of preference.

You must have felt a variety of balls to have such confidence.


Hori HRAP2 & 3

Mad MVC2 TE (PS3)


Actually, I just went and ordered this stick. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about it, plus, it’s cheaper than the TE- S.

Let me go into a bit more detail about what I found out about this arcade stick. This is information I gathered from the Shoryuken forums as well as several other places outside of Shoryuken.com

Apparently there’s several different components in an arcade stick that can be manufactured from different companies. The top two in the industry appear to be Seimitsu and Sanwa. Sanwa appears to be the absolute top of the line and Japanese based. Seimitsu is also good and I hear their parts are relatively interchangable.

There are several different versions of this stick. There’s the VX-SA (Sanwa) and the VX-SE (Seimitsu). You also have the VLX too (which is what Kayo Police uses) which is the best in the market (and also one of the most expensive).

The VX-SA uses a square gate by default (which is the component used to restrict the direction in which the joystick moves). I hear many arcade systems come with a square gate. However, you can swap the gate out with other shapes such as octagons and circles; however which one you like is purely preference.

The HRAP (Hori Real Arcade Pro) VX-SA appears to use high quality parts at an affordable price.Also the button layout is very similar to the Japanese SSF4 arcade machines (aside from the extra buttons).


Although the TE -S has the appearance of the arcade, the button layout is slightly different.


As you can see, the button layout (although in the right places) is a tad bit different. The first four buttons on the left side aren’t as close to each other as they should.

Thus, the HRAP line of arcade sticks are the best you can get for that true arcade experience.


Dat as…tro layout. :wink:

All my life…

currently using a mad catz street fighter 4 stick. would love to get a custom.

1/4" Acrylic on top, 3/16" on the bottom, 1/2" for the frame. The front panel art I drew myself (minus the original image of Force Edge, Sparda, and Trish excluding both arms) everything is retraced for higher quality, splatter brushes, blah blah blah.

Made it when MvC came around, don’t even play the game anymore. I’m thinking of changing it up without killing the red/black/yellow scheme I permanently established on the side.