What are akuma's safe combos?

What combos should akuma avoid on a blocking character and charcters that are in the corner?

you shouldn’t combo a blocking character :lol:.

if they’re just sitting there blocking, you can do s. fierce or c. forward or s. forward (pretty much any normal that cancels into a special) into his Demon Flip and vary what finisher you’re gonna do—dive kick, punch or throw.

all you need with Akuma is c. forward or c. fierce -> short Tatsumaki -> jab or fierce Gou Shoryuken.

if you wanna get tricky, then instead of hitting with Gou Shoryuken at the end of that sequence, reset with whatever normal. against the smarter players, just go for the guaranteed hit.


just use the basics

Jumping HP/HK into
standing close HP/MP/MK or crouching HP/MK into

fireball, hurricane kick, dragon punch etc.

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On a blocking character do c.short x2 XX mk demon flip, then do an extremely late dive kick, if you do it right you just land normally, so kara throw them. Meaty s.mk xx mk demon flip on wakeup, demon flip throw or something :o.

Akuma’s safest combo is on the character select screen.

With the cursor over Akuma, quickly tap Left + Any Button.
At that time, you will have selected Ryu (A better choice).
Guarenteed 100% safe and effective.

But if you fluff that up, at least know that Jump-in (Firce/RH), RH Hurricane Kick will almost always get you 1 hit.
(When you’re mid screen, most players duck his RH Hurricane, the cross up hit will hit a crouching player).

WTF!?!?! Ryu is no better than Akuma

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