What are Alex's juggles?

I saw a vid of KSK once and he seemed to be able to juggle the opponent a bit int he corner, I think with some EX moves. Can someone help me out and tell me all of Alex’s juggle options?

Much appreciated.

If you hit someone in the corner with a jumping d+hp while they’re jumping you can do s.mp to ex dp+k

Other than that you’re pretty much stuck with juggles that you start with an air to air j.hp that stuns. Air to air j.hp (stunned) land then like s.hk jab s.hk something else ex knee smash or whatever. Juggles aren’t exactly a huge part of Alex’s game.

High Damage and Stun juggle if you get the opportunity in the corner. Short kick slash elbow, far standing roundhouse, standing strong, EX Air Knee Smash.


here is some of alex’s juggles

Most of those juggles waste meter for low damage, but stylish none the less.

The only thing you should go for in the corner if you are trying to make it hurt is the first juggle I posted. But the other juggles give you flexiblity if you are not at the right range to do the high damage high stun version.

here are awesome combos and setups Alex is serious business [media=youtube]FkX8s4SPJpE&feature=PlayList&p=2548B9D8B1B0C159&index=20"[/media]
check out TOD combo on ken to cool but never land in real play

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If you hit someone in the corner with a jumping d+hp while they’re jumping you can do s.mp to ex dp+k

that combo rocks, half the time it stuns the guy. if only d+hp wasnt so ridiculously risky.
and i find that the simpliest combo u can do off a stun in the corner while they’re the air is f+mp +fmp+ hp. its very easy, u can pull it off like 100% of the time and good dmg. combo’s with hk do more dmg but more specific on timing the inputs

The only problem is you have to start it with j. d+fierce. It’s practically a free combo if your opponent doesn’t jump.

while at ffa one day i discovered if the opponent is almost stunned (j.hp or j.hk away) you can jump in with hk(stunned by now)-c.lk-mp-ex flash chop/ex elbow slash pretty sick stun combo and nice damage

there aren’t too many characters that’ll get hit by the strong after the roundhouse on your first combo. I know it’s fairly easy on chun, sean and Q but after that I haven’t been able to hit the strong.

It’s not a beginners juggle.

Keep trying.

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