What Are Block Strings?


What are block strings and what are they good for? is it for just resetting situations or setting up for another attack after a hit is blocked? how do you come up with good block strings?

also i heard of hit strings… what are those?


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Blockstring is basically what these two referenced: Its a series of attacks that forces the opponent to continue blocking, with no gaps in between. Sometimes there are what is called “True Blockstrings”, which mean the personal blocking CANNOT do anything besides block. The opposite of course is a blockstring that is not true, one that can be reversaled or otherwise eluded out of.

By “hit string”, I think you’re just talking about a combo. Nobody uses the term “hit string” unless of course they are talking about a blockstring, in which case its the wrong term (correct me if I’m wrong SRK peoples). But if you’re hitting your opponent in a string of attacks, I would wager to say that it’s a combo.


Blockstrings are strings of attacks that you do when your opponent is blocking. You do them for different reasons. If you’re on offense you do them to hit the opponent between the attacks because they did shit when they should have continued blocking. Or for chip damage.

The key point of almost all blockstrings is that they are safe on block but lead into cool shit if the opponent got hit.