What are characters saying when they're K.O.'d?

Japanese voices, of course. Some characters are just too cool for a lame yell, so they decide to say something. Like Bison and probably Abel. But does anyone know what they’re even saying?

abel says “my body” in japanese
fei says “i lost”

Japanese character voice K.O’s are different than the US.

Im pretty sure what bison says in japanese doesnt translate to “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”

I could be mistaken, but what Bison says in Japanese sounds like “Nanda teeeeeeeeeeeee!”, which I can’t find any translations for, though it’s possibly releated to “Nada yo” which is a vulgar form of saying “What is it?” or “What do you want?”.

Maybe he’s saying “What the Hell!”… ??

abel says “shut the fuck up”

I’ve always been curious on this one myself. Never get over laughing when I hear it being said though. Norio Wakamoto, you are indeed my god.

Always amusing to do voice impressions of it aswell when somethings annoying me. I’m hoping it does translate to 'What the hell" otherwise the instances I’ve yelled it are going to look silly XD

Bison says “Nan da to?” which is kinda like “What the hell?” - expressing disbelief or surprise.

I don’t remember the rest of the top of my head. :sweat:

I have NO idea what Balrog says though. It sounds kinda like “wasu ga” but that makes no sense.

Everyone’s forgetting the best KO voice of them all.


lol, dan.
I think he say woyashiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Can you explain what Honda say when he get hit and miss a throw? He say something like “noto”

my favorite one:


tell me you dont know which that one is!


anyone who plays with english voices, doesn’t that shit annoy the hell out of you???

EEEK NAWWWWWWW annoys the shit out of me.

I kept thinking that Dan was yelling “Moyashi” which means beansprout. It kept me giggling for a while.

I never find the english voices annoying me except for Ryu/Ken/Chun Li.

Hence I keep them that way XD with the exception of seth because hearing him yell “Sonic boom” in Japanese makes me laugh because he sounds like he’s doing a rather bad impression of a French accent…
My other half on the other hand has them for most part in Japanese, and I realize Sagat sounds like he’s saying “Tiger Show” instead of Tiger Shot XD.

Bike money!

Gotta play with Balrog on Japanese though for that crazy win laugh.

he says Sudoku!

His laugh in any voice is funny because he just stands there with his eyes closed…

When E. Honda gets KO’d by a light punch, he makes the sound of a dying beached whale.

I prefer to live in the mistaken belief that Japanese Abel yells “SHATAFACKAAAAP!” when he gets knocked out.

I’d bet Boxer’s bike money on it.

EDIT: And Guile’s Japanese voice is the best. Sohnic Beum!

Gouken’s english crumple death is my favorite… old man wailing: “NoooOOOoooOOOOO”

Sakura’s “you’re just… too… strong” makes me sad everytime :frowning:

And what’s with Japanese Seth saying ‘Sonic B-Boom!’?

Man that’s silly.

Abel says “karada ga” which means “my body!”. I get the sense it’s kind of like “my fight money” in terms of silliness in Japanese. People seem to really like that quote and spam nico videos with it whenever Abel is involved in a fight.

Dan of course says “oyaji”, meaning father.

Yeah, I wanted to know what Boxer says in Japanese for his KO scream. I’m sad that Azrael doesn’t know.

Does anyone know what Dictator says during his ultra animation? I know what he says in English, but is it a direct translation from Japanese? Can someone write out the romaji of what he says in Japanese?