What are characters saying when they're K.O.'d?

A few more.

Adon - Kono ore sama ga! – Eh, I guess the best way to translate it would be “I can’t believe I lost!”

Fei Long - Ore no make da! – “I’ve lost!” or “It’s my defeat!” The latter is more direct but of course is a lot more clunkier.

Rufus - Chikusho! – Goddamnit! or Goshdarnit, depends on your take of the character/how PG you wanna be.

Dan - Oyaji! – Father!

Juri - Sonna baka na! - That can’t be!

Fuerte - Baka na! - No way!

During Bison’s ultra, he says “itaku (?) sakebi! Nightmare Booster! Koko wa kisama no hakaba da!” It is a direct translation.

I think Honda’s whiff phrase is “ohtto” which is just Japanese for “whoops”.

I always thought it was more like “sonic-a boom.” Not that it’s any less silly.

Boxer says “Houshuu ga!”

which would literally mean “My Fight Money” or “My reward”…

Does anyone know what Honda says when he does the headbutt? I mean the japanese voice.

He says “Gwan Ta Namo Bai”, which literally translates to “Guantanamo Bay”.

Edit: Ooops, you asked for the head butt, my bad.

I hear “sonikku buu”.

When Sakura goes down from a jab, she says “yappari… tsuyoi”, which I guess is like Dudley’s “Too strong.”

I usually have the voices set to japanese only because they are more entertaining, so I’m never 100 percent sure what they’re saying. Gouken’s line when he throws an opponent makes me laugh nearly everytime. Sounds something like “Hey money money…sit!”

lmao @ guile’s japanese voice
"Sonic bewm. Soinic bewm. Sonic bewm."

Guys, jap seth is blatently saying “Stinky Boom!”.

Abel’s Jap sounds like “Son of a gun” hahaha, the nice way of saying,“Son of a bitch.” But for all intents and purposes, I leave him in English, because I love his accent.

Guy says,“Profound Sadness”, which I hear is a mistranslation of, “It’s a damn shame that I lost.”-something to that extent.

headbutt = Whoopiee!
Buttsplash = Na Sam buh Wei!

It always sounds like he’s saying ‘Fire truck’ to me.

bit sideway on the topic but does jap rufus have different names for his moves?

i’m pretty sure galactic tornado is nougat tornado or something like that.

If it aint an echo of “oooooooooo aaaahh” then it aint nothing.

No because I’m not a weeaboo.

He says “Saaauusage!” at least that’s what I hear

I thought JapSeth was saying “Shinkuuu” or something for the longest time, until I spent a few seconds actually thinking about it. I still can’t believe how badly that’s pronounced, it’s like you took all the syllables in a blender and turned them into a smoothy.

Japanese Guile has always been pretty great for the combination of lots of English and ridiculous manly man voices. “sonic buerrr!”

I’ve always thought Boxer’s K.O. phrase was “Wasurenaiiii…” or “i won’t forget”. if az didn’t hear that though, then shrug.

honda’s headbutt: he’s always said “dosu koi”, in all the street fighter games. it’s a sumo thang, you can look it up.

rufus has some slightly different things for his quotes. galactic tornado = “ginga tornado” which is almost the same, though ‘ginga’ is more likely referring to the milky way galaxy.

ex galactic tornado is “koitsu aitaize!” which is like “i wanna meetcha!” you know, 'cause it has that vacuum effect.

snake strike = ja totsu neichaa, which is “snake bite nature”. yeah i know.

ultra startup is “zenbei ga naku ze!” which is “all of america cries!”, so pretty much what he says in english: “america sheds a tear.”

the final hit of the ultra is “todome da!”, which is common in SF, gen says it, it’s “this is the final blow!”

I still have no idea why they always have Rose saying “Soul Throoo” instead of “Throw.”…you’d think by now they would have corrected the actress, or maybe this is their way of staying faithful to her in alpha. O.o

i’ll look into other characters if people want. also, my own question: when ken is being k.o.'d in japanese, does he say “you…stop” or “you don’t…stop”? i can’t check right now 'cause i’m not at my computer.

Seriously? I’ve been trying to figure that out for months what he says.

yeah it was a possibility in my mind, then when i was trying to figure out what he said in japanese, both versions clicked at once. weird.