What are characters saying when they're K.O.'d?

@ onReload. What’s a Kick?

Ken in both voices says: AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

that means Ow!

How’s this for strange: Viper’s Ultra, when she charges up her sparkly gauntlet, she says “limiter…” then during the pound: “…off!” I guess it’s like she’s using the full power of her suit.

Also says “moero!” or “burn!” during her EX Burning Kick.
Also says “moratta!” or “gotcha!” during her EX Thunder Knuckle. Pretty common japanese fighting game idiom.
Also says “kudakero!” or “shatter!” during her EX Seismo Hammer…if you didn’t know, she says “Crush!” during the regular ones.

“baka ne” or “idiot” during temple massage (back throw)

Super, she starts with “Full Charge…” then “Kore de…The End!”, basically “this is…the end!”

Not sure what she says during Ab Fitness (forward/neutral throw)…Sounds like something about doing bedrock. I dunno.

I have no idea what the japanese call videogame quotes so googling for this is so damn hard.

Ah shit, I meant when he gets light hit K.O.d…the slow death…pretty sure it’s "you don’t…stop’

he can go Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh anyway. lol

What’s a Kick?

I have a few questions about Gouken.

Jap Gouken: What does he say during demon flip dove kick? i can only hear "ZOMG!"
Jap AND Eng Gouken: What does he say when he wins with a timeout/completes a trial? Sounds like “shinbuffusatsu” or “pure form” in english.
Jap Gouken: What does he say during… well, every special move? And super/ultra startup.

He sais “Poor Form”

/).- Of course, how stupid of me XD

Gouken is kinda hard but I did make some progress there:

dive kick = “soko je!” = “there it is!”; kinda like 'take this.'
running palm / senkugoshoha = “amai wa” = “naive!” … dictator says “amai!” in cvs2 i think.
hyakki gosai (air-to-ground throw) = “muda yo!” = “it’s useless!”. he also says this for all counters (kongoshin)
air tatsu = “kuchuu tatsumaki” = “in-air tatsumaki”. pretty direct.
super = “kinjite…shoryuken!” or "forbidden…shoryuken!"
taunt = “kakatte koi!” = “bring it on!” very common in fighting games.
ultra startup is “koko je!” or “here it is!”…again like “take this”, or “here it is” etc.

his forward throw i’m pretty positive i can hear “ukeru made mo nai” but the translation is hard. it’s like saying “taking this damage will amount to nothing” or “blocking this will do nothing.” a better japanese-knower would have to take a look at this, but the general idea is there.

edit: also his trial ender quote is hard. it has many possibilities…could be shin mufuu satsu, shin bufu satsu…and then the readings on those is even more complicated. either way it’s a pun/twist on akuma’s “shin messatsu” which is “true annihilation/destruction” etc

Until today I really got no clue what Akuma says in english during his taunt5 (the KKZ animation). It’s sth like: “You don’t (belong to ???) this world.” But I really don’t get it clearly.

Haha, that’s cute. Perfect for Honda.

“You are not long for this world!” I have his voice clips ripped on my PC since earlier, so I guarantee that this is the correct quote.

Nothing beats Guile’s Ooopp Aaawww

I was wondering, what does Bison say when he’s K.O.'d by a light attack or a focus. What I hear is ‘Cuno Watashi’ and then whatever sound he makes when he faints.

All cammy does is say noooooooooo on a hard ko and YUUUUUUUUUH on a light KO. If it wasn’t for dat ass I’d be disappointed.

thought that was ignoooooooooooored

‘kono…watashi ga…’

hard to directly translate, but it’s almost like, ‘this is happening…to me?’ or just straight ‘i…’

Lol, I’ve always wondered what Guile says, he evens says it in older games (well, something similar at least lol) and in both voices eng/jap.

I usually like having the Asian characters in japanese and American Characters in English, the rest are depending on their accents and how annoying one of the voices is.

Japanese Sagat doing ex tigers says “SCROTUM!”

well fei long says…i losttttttt

I always thought that JP Dictator yells,“NUNS ATTACK” when he gets K.O.'d hard. :rofl:

I always thought dictator says, “be happy to!” when he does an ex scissors kick in Japanese. Even Honda seems to say, “Have a nice happy day” to me O.o Maybe there is a subliminal theme in this game.