What are "Evo Pools"

People are posting on these forums their “pool” in evo i wanted to know what that was.
Ive never been to a major tournament so i’m not sure how things are run. i saw this video from west coast warzone.


are each of the console set ups near pools in ceasar’s palace? Why would they play games so close to water?

Oh man, I hope this is a troll. I guess I’ll answer anyway.

A pool is pretty much a section of a tournament bracket, certain sections (pools) are played at certain times, so people want to know their pools, to know the time, and who is in their pool, because they will probably have to play against them.

No, silly. An “EVO Pool” is when we play Street Fighter in a pool with topless bikini models.

Have you ever been to Vegas and seen pool blackjack where the blackjack tables are next to the water? It’s also called “swim up” blackjack. SSF4 pools is the same thing. It might be risky with all the electrical components involved, but this is EVO baby! Gotta get that fight money

This is also why there’s a ladies SSF4 tournament! :tup:

LOL at you two, keep it classy.

can this get a sticky plz?

Throw in a volleyball and thats when things start to get real.

wow, just wow

Looks like I’m in Pool K, I’ve got my swim trunks ready!

Screw trunks, speedo all the way:cool:

Nah, it’s gotta be the man-bathing suit, a-la Borat. :cool:

Touche, now that is style :tup: