What are "Footies" and "Zoning?"

I hear this a lot from professional SF players about Footsies and Zoning and I just wanted to know exactly what it was…Can anyone tell me?


Footsies: http://sonichurricane.com/?p=691

Read the whole thing (there are like 10 sections), it’s really really worthwhile.

Yeah, that thing Truckasaurus posted.

Footsies: Hoping your opponent makes a stupid mistake

Zoning: Hadoken! Hadoken! Hadoken!

Zoning: Using moves to limit your opponent’s options, especially with regards to movement. ie. Restricting them to certain “zones” of the playfield

Footsies: Using moves to trick your opponent into making a punishable mistake.

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the same thing that everyone else has been linking

That series of articles is the best thing that anyone has ever written about footsies, ever. He does an incredibly good job of articulating concepts that are extremely difficult to distill/solidify/explain. The term “footsies” comes from how the sight of two characters poking at each other with low kicks looks a lot like they’re playing with each other’s toes.

The most common misconception that newer players have about footsies is that they are in of themselves a playstyle. The reality is, at higher levels of SF play (and most other fighting games), the entire game revolves around footsies because you need to EARN your . In most matchups, footsies form the core of the match by being the vehicle through which all defense translates into offense: basically you don’t get to rip on somebody until you’ve opened them up. In some matchups, footsies comprise almost the entire game. When you’re facing strong opponents, if you’re NOT playing footsies it either means that 1) you’re losing all the time, or 2) your gameplan consists principally of finding ways to get around or otherwise nullify your opponent’s footsies.

Zoning is the concept of keeping your opponent in an area on the screen (usually relative to your position) where you have more and/or better options than they do. That is to say, your options outweigh their options in this situation. By keeping them in this zone, you ensure that your character always has the advantage. (In some games, this area may change depending on the state of meters.)

Most (reasonably balanced) matchups in a game will have good spots and bad spots for each character, but a character who is specifically considered to specialize in zoning is one who has tools that can be directly employed to hold his opponent in that space. Characters who do not focus on zoning will typically find themselves maneuvering themselves to get into their optimal position or using other means to indirectly push their opponents into the right (wrong) places. Technically every character will be (or at least, should be) trying to get themselves and/or their opponent to a certain place, but the term “zoning” isn’t really used to describe goals like… let’s say Zangief, who is just constantly trying to get right next to you for some very brutish cuddles.

The most common misconception that newer players have about zoning is that it’s analogous to playing keepout. This misconception arises from the fact that in a number of common situations (opponent is near you), the actions you will choose to take are similar. Someone who’s zoning is trying to keep you “right there” in his sweet spot, while someone who’s playing keepout is just trying to push you away away away, as far as possible. The concepts can blur together, though, so the terms are, uhh, situationally semi-interchangeable. Jeez that sounds dopey. Hahaha.

For the record, the reason that footsies and zoning are often mentioned together is that a lot of the time footsies consists of both players jockeying to put the other into their desired zone.

I hope this stuff wasn’t too wordy or vague. By nature they’re kind of abstract concepts deliberately generalized to represent an infinitely large collection pool of similar-minded goals or tactics or strategies or what have you. DO ask more questions if you want clarification or details on anything!

CVS2 is footsies and Zoning… Play that game.:coffee:http://www.youtube.com/user/Wakeupshoyu?feature=mhw4#p/f/67/RHInD4BtBds