What are frames?

ah… sorry this may be a noobs question, what are frames? what are they used for? why are they important?

if possible, can u post some links up so i can read on it.

thanks =)

Well, think about it, McFly,…

Animations are just a bunch of drawn pictures placed in a line. When moved fast, they look like their moving, but are still made up of a bunch of drawings. Every drawing is called a “frame”, trying thinking of it like that. Lets say for instance, that ryu’s SF2 Standing strong was 3 frames of pictures, so one would start the punch, one would be half way thru, and one would end it(I know that it probably doesn’t really have 3 frames, I’m just trying to make a point). Those are “frames” of that movment.

Understand now?

And as far as what they are used for, Imagine if you knew EVERY frame for 3s! If you could see fast enough, you could be a parrying god!

In gameplay terms, you should think of a frame as a unit of time. When looking at frame data and see that a character’s Roundhouse has 10 frames of startup, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the character has 10 distinct pictures that animate before the move hits.

Some sources of frame data use the 60 fps (frames per second) scale, while other sources use the 30 fps scale.

here is an example of a frame


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however, thats not the case, so you this question was justified, so fuck all you funny-people…

Jinrai got it down pretty well, the way Ken alone stands are ‘frames’


60 frames per second, ken’s hp is exactly half a second just an example

this means that the whole hp takes 30 frames to extend, hit, and then return… if you want to get deeper into this, and you look at frame data, you will see start-up, hit and recovery… if we simplify this for his hp you will get this: again: just an example

start-up: 10 frames
hit: 10 frames
recovery: 10 frames

this adds up to 30 frames, right? now what does start-up and stuff mean?

start-up: the animation of that he is using hp, though it will not hit yet
hit: obviously, the frames that hit
recovery: the animation for the move to return, in this stage it will not hit anymore

With this knowledge you can look at karathrow’s frame data and stuff like that and learn alot by the game like Ken’s c.mk and c.hk can be reversaled by super hell, c.hk doesnt even need reversal timing

How you find this out:

http://www.karathrow.com/ken.html i dont know if i could link to this, if not, just say so Streak/SlimX…

look at crouching forward and crouching roundhouse… c.mk and c.hk respectively the blocked advantage is -3 right? which means that he is at 3 frames disadvantage, and if you are playing Ken SA3 for example, you see that his super starts up in 3 frames, which means with a perfect reversal you could super him without he can block… its really easy to see with c.hk, he is at -13, and if super comes out in 3 frames, you even have 10 frames left to sit on your ass :stuck_out_tongue: and if you think about it: 10 frames is 1/6th of a second, which is quite a bit in fighting games…

well, some sort of essay you could say :wink: but maybe you’ll understand now =)

I wasnt laughing at him, I was laughing near him.

oh icic… thanks everybody who answered especially doom for your extensive answer.

i have another question…what does this mean(link)? does it mean u only have 2 frames to react or something?


thats about red-parrying: when you parry normally you have about 10 frames to push forward and still parry, but when you want to red-parry parry out of blockstun you only have 3 frames for normal moves, and 2 frames for supers, which make it quite harder

how could players use framing as an advantage ???

using frames? It lets you know what moves you can punish, and what moves you can whiff, and still be safe. And reversals, blah blah blah. Of course, it’s all theory fighter, but it lets you know what’s possible, or more precisely, impossible.

And I thought OhNoos’s post was funny… It wasn’t a direct flame. And it had wit to it, not just your standard “fuck you, noob” response. :smiley:

Like, lets say I caught you and your secratary humping on a desk, well, I could just “Frame” you later that night into throwing a round in a tourny by threatening to tell your wife if you didn’t!

Framing rules!!!

you cannot use it to ‘your advantage’ you can only use it as studymaterial, lets say youre playing necro and youre not so suited vs Ken, try to think what you want to achieve Ken in the corner for mixups with your sa2 for example and how can you get them there? hcf+k throw is a pretty good thing to use once in a while when Ken keeps wiggling and dancing and tangoing around at midscreen distance… stuff like that, but if you really want to go indepth, you can look at what you can punish, certain moves which you wait for to punish, like you wiggle around and he gets a far hp instead of close hp which means mayor recovery, you can punish by just doing mp hook xx super, but more efficiently would be ex hooks, this will surely get him in the corner…

not saying that ken will ever throw out a hp in a match, but its an example, think stuff like that…

I think by “use frames to your advantage” he was expressing his confusion over the term “frame advantage.”

ow lol, thnx for pointing that out :stuck_out_tongue:

frame advantage is when you have +1 or moreon block, which means you recovered before your opponent out of blockstun…