What Are Good P Groove Teams?


i use rock, ryu and sagat(2) p groove and guile, ryu and sagat(2) for c groove but i have more fun playing in p groove since its harder what r good p groove teams?


Any team you can parry well with.

I guess you should pick characters that can set up parries a lot, do nice combos/damage after parries, and don’t need meter too much. Charge characters can be a pain to use in P-Groove too. But Parry is the wild card groove I think. In theory, you should be able to beat anything with parry, so it’s really up to you.


^ What he said,
Also, Vega is good in P. He doesn’t need meter much. His pokes can keep the opponent away REALLY WELL. Parry added with Vega just makes him slightly better IMO.

Blanka’s good, simply because u can use electricity to build meter fast.

Ken and Kyo r good, with small jump mixups. Empty small jump combo low, stuff like that.

Any air throw character is good, because u have the option of mixing up throws or parries.
(example: U parry in the air, ur opponent will probably/hopefully think, “well, i’ll empty jump in and air throw/parry/activate/air block” but u then air throw him. Then he doesn’t know what to do.) Then u mix in a good ground game after that. Depends on what groove u go against though.


cammy :slight_smile:


team makoto, P-kyo/vega/r2 cammy is nasty. kyo is an excellent battery who does extremely well in P-groove. vega can do empty jump crouching short, standing jab x1 or 2, claw super to use meter. and P-cammy is solid as hell.


Yeah, what everyone else said and P-Cammy can be almost invincible. If you want to be a little fancy, try P-Rolento. His air game is even stronger and parry into baton rekkas is really good. Oh, and Sagat’s not bad either.


I like P-Rolento because it gives me more chances for d.MK pipe twirl. I like CC, and JD with him, but parry lets me have a reversal or anti-air all time. Even if I can’t get it all the time. :confused:

I hear about P-Geese sometimes. I don’t think he loses much by going to P.


Kyo, Sagat, Blanka


So let’s review: Kyo, Vega, Ken, Rolento, Cammy, Blanka, Sagat

All of these are good choices. I’ve seen good Morrigans and Ryus too.


My P team is Vega, Kyo, Blanka. The good P characters have already been listed.


wouldnt p rock b good since he has standing counters plus the option to parry?


i think p-groove characters are good if they can make a good combo of a parry, and not a 360 throw with some bullshit, u need to throw out something fast, and i dont think rock has great links, cammy on the other hand: hp xx qcf=k or c.mk xx qcf+k… and so one its not like SF3.3 where parrying gives u alot fo time to do what u want



The best p-groov team ever is kyo,sakura, and level 2 eagle (especially since he guard breaks you with no problum) i recently experenced this at the arcade,…i got RAPED :frowning:


The best p-groov team ever is kyo,sakura, and level 2 eagle (especially since he guard breaks you with no problum) i recently experenced this at the arcade,…i got RAPED :frowning:


Kyo, Sakura, 2-Eagle is definitely the best P-groov team ever.

Much better than some sucky P-Cammy/Blanka/Vega team



Yeah, Rock is pretty good in P-Groove. His anti-air mixups are pretty good because of parry, crack counter, S.HK, and Raging Storm if you have bar. Pretty much leaves the opponent at a disadvantage if they try to jump in.


My team …

P Hibiki/Chun-li/Kyo (2)

Chun is okay in P groove because it helps her against characters that can generally counter her. Hibiki and Kyo are self explanatory … Kyo can do so much damage off of a parry, especially with meter.


standing fierce/low forward into fierce hardedge wouldnt work after a parry?


i wouldnt know, i dont play him not p-groove… =/ parrying does give him a somewhat reliable anti-air…


s.hk is a great anti air for rock. He’d be really good if he ha da good crossup.