What are good Reptile strats and combos(UMK3)

I’m trying to learn how to play this game recently and chose Reptile as a main, have no idea how to use him. Reptile is supposedly number 6 on the tier list but I keep getting my ass kicked, are invisibility juggle combos the reason he is so far up.

EDIT: Rumor has it that if you get two flawless victories on Shao Kahn, on the fatality screen, Tim Static flies in, electrocutes his ass AND breaks his neck… he then proceeds to point at you and says “You Will Die”.

I hate to say it but I think there is only one member here other than you that plays UMK3. shame, its a fun game

UMK3 was so awesome. Dispite the game pretty much having 1 fireball and 1 combo per fighter. I with there were more fighting games with “darker” tones like UMK3.

Also this proves that rumor is false: [media=youtube]ir7MaJaRwjc[/media]

try MortalKombatEmpires.com

They have guides for all the characters.

I would give it a shot if the stupid xbox 360 version gave ANY option to change the controls. Playing it on a stick is so horrible because the buttons get put so randomly :grrr: