What are good settings for tournament play on 3S?


Just wondering what’s good system direction settings for when I’m trying to setup a tournament for 3S and some other games.

Leave it default don’t ever change system direction

if ur playing on console change the music to arcade instead of that remixed bullshit. ;D

lol okay okay

No chip damage

this lol

I have similar problems. My PC is good enough to run TF2, L4D 2, and etc with minimal FPS drop if that gives you a clue that my machine can more than handle GGPO. I set smoothing frames to 2. I have a direct connection with 10MBS down and 250 KBS up. 3S is terribly inconsistent, no other game on GGPO gives me the same trouble (not even jojo)

You’re so right. I also do the same with SF2, gotta be the CPS1 soundtrack for me, the others are too weedy and have no beefy bass.

Also: don’t bother playing at PAL speed on console IF you can play at NTSC speed, it is mundanely slow.

And if you are gonna used the arranged soundtracks, only play on Dudley’s stage. DISISASTUPIDDOPEMIXXX

P.S.- Use Mono instead of Stereo. You’d be surprised at how much of a difference this makes. :V