What Are Hotel & Motel Policies With Regards To Multiple People In A Room

I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of this for the past couple of days with no apparent answer. Suppose I get a room for two with two beds, but I bring 2 other people along(with a total of 4 people in the room) will the hotel give a shit?

I know Ceasar’s charges extra for every person that isn’t supposed to be staying in your room, but how the fuck do they even keep track of that?

I think you’ll be fine.

Some of the hotels will have a guard at each elevator that checks for your room key and may keep track of how many people are going in with you.

Now if you happen to pull it off and you’re making a scene in your room someone else could call the desk and complain.

Dont ask dont tell.

See that’s what I was thinking. However, a friend told me that what they will usually do is not say anything until it is time to checkout. Than they will bill you for the extra people in your room.

I doubt it’s a big deal, but it would be nice to get things cleared up ahead of time.

werd. In case they do check on count… ask for 2 or 3 keys and have 2 people to a key.

Just book a room for 1 person and put up the do not disturb sign on your doorknob so the maids won’t come in to see how many people are in the room. Though having 1 key is kind of a bitch when multiple people need to get in n out at different times it’s better then paying the extra money for multiple people.

Get a room for 2 people, ask for two beds and two keys. Put up the do not disturb door hanger, clean up your own room and occassionally raid the maid’s cart for towels and soap and you’ll be fine. Just don’t have a party in the room to avoid noise complaints.

So does Caesars Palace have the guards on each floor to check or was that refering to another hotel?

They have Roman guards with 4’ swords.