What are HRAP 1/2 and SA editions worth?


Hey all, my bad if this actually is posted somewhere, but a fairly thourough search didn’t give me anything. We’ve all seen the threads asking what the TEs and SEs are worth; well, I’m wondering what the HRAPs, any of them, are worth anymore.

I ask because: 1) SEs/TEs sold out all over the place, 2) HRAPs are still available/easy to mod, 3) Backwards compatibility is a concern to me, 4) HRAPs are known quality.

I really like the look of HRAPs… and I’m impatient :sweat:

HRAP1/2s are going for 160 ish, while the HRAP2 SAs are 200. Assuming I’d upgrade them if need be, what do you all think these are worth? What would you be willing to pay?


PS. feel free to PM me if you have one for sale for less than mark-ups on eBay:wgrin:


although a bit expensive, the hrap 3 can be had on ebay for around $175 shipped…

I like mine, but I have upgraded the buttons…

I don’t see that the 1/2 are available for much cheaper… not sure if there are any lag/compatibility issues with a ps2 to ps3 converter or not, but you may want to make sure…

i really like having the guide button on the hrap 3…


Thanks both. I’ve been leaning toward the SA because it comes with pre-Sanwa. Danz you bring up a really good point though - the HRAP3s have the Home button on them. The HRAP3s are backwards compatible, right?


The PS2-PS3 Sumoto converter has a home button on it. It may be a bit of a hassle sometimes depending on your gaming setup, but at least it’s there. I’m not sure where you’d find one though…

If memory serves me right, HRAP3s are backward compatible. Please correct me if I’m wrong.


I actually just researched it. Looks like it is… kinda. Apparently random button presses occur rather frequently. Looks like I’ll be going with a HRAP2 SA. You guys rock, thanks for the tips!


Keep in mind that the HRAP2:SA is able to mount both Seimitsu flush mount sticks such as the LS-32 and Sanwa JLF easily as well as the other pointed out benefits. This is a large plus that the HRAP3/EX does not have without heavy modding… the HRAP3:SA can mount the same sticks as the HRAP2:SA, however - and of course you pointed out the TE.

The home button issue is generally taken care of on the PS2-PS3 adapter depending on which one you use (its a button on the adapter functioning as a home button).

Of course you can always drop a Cthulhu MC in an HRAP2:SA and get the best of all worlds and bypass the adapter.


All great options. Do you think the HRAP2 SA is worth 200 greenbacks? Some sites have them listed for less but naturally they’re all out of stock :expressionless:

I did try out the videogamesnewyork site linked above, btw. They didn’t have anymore when I called 'em.


my PS3 TE works just fine on my pc…


Its really a matter of personal opinion… I personally have a HRAP2:SA, amongst some other customs and sticks, and it holds its own very well. Its a solid stick. The biggest problem you have now is that you must solve the problem of getting a potential HRAP2 to work with a current gen platform (from what I gather), so that is additional cost. But there are more PS2 fighters and shooters out there than anything. I think I got mine for ~150, but that was before this SF4 demand and such, on release. But a 50 dollar difference is - a game…? However, from the principal - it could make it or break it depending on the person. Its quality, however.


Thanks enser. I should mention I already have a PS2- PS3 convertor which works really well. I doubt I would wind up getting any better a deal than 150 for the SA, at least not for quite some time. So, maybe 200 ain’t so bad.

Now I have to convince my wife of that =_=


Yeah - thats the best part :slight_smile:
Best of luck.


you’re better off getting a custom instead of giving in to ebay…trust me. Or you can wait until July when hori gets a new shipment.


Lane, I’ve considered custom sticks too, actually. Someday, I would LOVE to get one made. I just know that Hori products are usually considered very high quality…

Plus, as it has been said elsewhere, a custom stick becomes your baby pretty much. I’d like something I can let other people use too, something with good durablity/portability. I wouldn’t want my custom to get scratched to hell just from carying it around!


hate to invade ya thread like this but how much is the sf4 se stick worth?.. i have a brand new ps3 one that i dont need


I’ll shoot you a PM.


SE stick is worth retail in my eyes… too much money to make it decent…

they go on ebay for about $120 though…

an adapter with a home button is better than nothing, but when you are 10 feet away from it, it’s kind of a pain… :rofl:


I wouldnt pay more than $15 bucks for anything made by madcatz


^Apparently someone else did… DarkHokage had an offer for - well, I won’t disclose but let’s just say I won’t be outbidding on it.

I may have decided to go HRAP2 SA. Thanks for everyone’s replies!


I just got a HRAP1 (version2) from eBay for about ~$100 (plus shipping). There’s good deals on eBay every once in a while.

I saw a HRAP3 go for $125 ONCE.