What are I frames?

ok ive been on srk for almost 4 years and I’ve never heard of this term.
What does this mean?

Ive also seen another term somewhere like in links or something like that.
il try to find it.


I’ve also never heard this term. Sounds like it was a typo.

frames of your attack where you can’t take damage. short for invicible frames.

Where the fuck did you get that?

invincibility/invulnerability frames

impact frame.

ie the frame when a move can first make contact with an opponent:

i13 = the move has 12 frames of startup and hits/**impacts **on the 13th frame.


funny how the opinions differ :slight_smile:

invincibility frames

i think he means 1 frame links for combos may be? Lol I have no idea what im talking about (unless im right)but felt like posting

agreed. IMO, the phrase is more commonly associated with a game like ninja gaiden or GOW.

i didnt know what that term meant either :sweat:

but imma believe this guy…

that’s probably off a wiki or something. that’s talking about I-frames in website coding.

personally i have never heard the term I-frame in relation to fighting games, it was primarily a term from like 3-d action games like devil may cry and Ninja Gaiden

@nano5896: A book on HTML. :rofl:

I’m more willing to believe this, Tekken/Soul players use different jargon than we do… the other theory is just people being lazy :nono:

Here’s some snippets of “I-frame” related discussions found through google. Most are from SRK.

This is true. Common parlance among Soul Calibur players.

I called those Active Frames. Ehh, I hate how different games use different lingo. Even though Impact Frames sounds better.

I frames are invincibility frames.