What are list of arcades in Houston tx?


Im new to houston, Im wondering what are some arcades in houston that I can go to.
in particular I like capcom vs snk 2


there’s a houston thread. ask around there. i’m not from there, but the only one i know of is planet zero. not sure where it’s at though, but i think you can google it.


planet zero (arcade)
11920A Westheimer
Houston, TX, 77077

monsters arcade (console arcade)
13626 Veterans Memorial Dr.
Houston, TX, 77014

tilt at the galleria (console and arcade)

i dont think any places have a cvs2 cab


Yo dawg! Madoc how can you forget weeklies at midnight comics! Wensdays casuals at midnight comics, its free. Mainly ssf4 games go down and I only play blazblue. Tuesdays its casuals at monsters arcade which is free too, if im not mistaken they got snk runin all the time but no one really plays it. And pz hmm I don’t remember seeing snk there just ssf4 arkana heeart and blazeblue and a bunch of other jap games. Where in houston do you live?!


Last time I saw a CvS2 cabinet in Houston was at Almeda mall, dunno if anybody really has that game.

There is a Houston thread here Direct your posts there while I will close this thread