What are my options for this old stick?


Have an original TE (the one with the white sides) For xbox 360 i modded a long time ago with a chimp. I recently picked up sf5 but my stick just gives an error on PC about unrecognized usb device, and all my friends play on PS4, Do i have any options to replace the chimp with something new to make it work on PC / Ps4


I would keep the shell. mod the stick. put in a brook universal fightingboard


Try using a USB hub on your PC. That seems to fix that error on some sticks.


Still won’t fix the stick not working on PS4.


The brook ps3/ps4/pc board would be ideal. The UFB would also work, but I wouldn’t spend that much unless you would be using the 360 and/or xbone support.


give it to goodwill./


I did this using my xb1 te1 with a crossbone and the fightboard.

I’d advise something similar but rather than use the crossbone you can use toodles imp.v2 if you can track one down.

It unfortunately looks like godlikecontrols is shut down.
Donno if anywhere else is carrying them yet.


The new brook ps3/4 board that just was announced would probably be perfect for your case.