What are Necro and Effie's powers?

I know Necro was a prototype/guinea pig for the ultimate life form/fighting machine. Necro seems to have abilities that are early forms of Twelve’s Abilties.


Necro can stretch limbs (Can he bend them while they are stretched???)
Twelve has fully malleable limbs and body, so an action figure of him would just be play-doh

Necro has limited flight abilties(High Slow Jump, Air Corkscrew)
Twelve has full flight abilties (Glide, X.F.L.A.T etc)

The only thing that is different about them is:
Necro can Generate electricity
Twelve can copy other characters and turn invisible.

Even their fighting styles are somewhat similar, both their standing SP attacks looks identical!

Any other powers I don’t know of?

Also, what’s Effies(Necro’s g/f) powers? I never seen her do anything other than run up and copy Necro’s pose.

well i think you got it just about right… im not sure if its right but this is what i was told some time ago… 12 is what they got after fixin all the shit that was wrong with necro… so 12 is the next level to necro… thats why they seem so much alike… pick 12 vs necro… hey have a intro if you didnt know…

Twelve is the 12th Necro clone. Kinda like the 12 dolls.

what 12 dolls what are you talkin about…

Watch Juni&Juli’s entrance in SFA3 to see 'em.

Like Juni (June) and Juli (July) from A3. According to the story there were 12 of them but they weren’t actualy clones.

So is Necro Number 1 or Number 0?

perhaps twelve was created from a human subject but he is more seperated from his humanity then necro who seems to have a sense of humor and other emotions.

judging on the fact oh how technologically advanced looking twelve is. necro must be like 1 or 2. who knows necro could be decades old and could be in one of those russian military prison camps during ww2 where he was only a child and then having his parents torn away from him because they were being sent out to a jewish concentration camp. he could have been kidnapped at night while living his elder teenage days under the years of boot camp. and then transformed into a super warrior, his powers could be limb controll, electricity producing, and a slower AGING rate than normal humans!

note: i’m high so high…

Notice that anything Effie and Necro say at the same time sounds MUCH better in Second Impact than in 3rd Strike.

Really? I thought the Necro, Alex and Dudley all had the same low gruff voice, and Effie sounded like a Japanese girl trying to do english.

I thought 3rd Strike mixed up the different characters voices to make them more unique. Dudley sounds English, Alex sounds like hes from New York, or something. Necro sounds more freaky, and Effie doesn’t sound engrish. Although I wonder why the characters from Russia and France weren’t given more lines from their country, might have been interesting.

Naw, dog. Necro’s voice got fucked up in Third Strike. His voice used to be lower pitched and sounded slightly electronically distorted. In the previous games when he and Eppie did the singing winpose, Necro could actually sing pretty damn well. Your boy was the 2d equivalent of Pavorotti. Their “Outta my way” had them in perfect harmony, despite the pitch differences. Engrish Effie sounds MUCH better than her latest incarnation. Along comes Third Strike, and Nec and Eff sound like shit. I used to play as Necro JUST for the sweet-sounding winposes (They really aren’t much to look at). Now that the winposes sound like crap, I have no reason to even look twice at Necro.

Alex used to have the gayest voice in fighting games, “You can’t ethcape!” He’s vastly improved in 3S.

If you want to hear cool singing, beat Necro with Twelve.

As for Necro’s Background, I have this from the second and final issue of Gamefan’s Megafan (Dec '97). Note: SFIII had just hit arcades. Necro’s stage features an octopus in a tank and if I remember right, an eel somewhere in a jar, both of which were more than likely gene donors for Necro.

Necro was born and raised in an impoverished town beside a lake somewhere in the Russian Steppes. Necro remembers two brothers and a sister. After the fragmentation of the Soviet Union, Necro was found wandering the streets of Moscow and pressed into service by an unknown organization with the codename “Gill”. This strange and secretive organization changed Necro’s DNA in a series of inhuman experiments, and these weeks of torturous pain have enabled Necro to unhook his bone structure and bend it like an Indian fakir. Super-flexible contortions and movements are now possible, and Necro’s entire fighting style was simulated and managed by computer before being implanted into his brain via cyber-technology.

So I’m guessing no one knows what effies mutant powers are? Since apparently they are supposed to be both mutant experiments.

Even though Twelve is supposed to be a more advanced version of Necro, Necro is still a much better character. That’s disappointing not only because I play Twelvebut because Twelve looks so cool.

Looks like Urien screwed up royally somewhere cause Necro is decent tier while Twelve is shit tier. Whoops.

I think Twelve is entirely synthetic where as Necro used to be Human. I dunno what Effie’s story is but she and Necro are supposed to be lovers (?), I dunno if she got powers or not.

As for “Twevle”, I think there are twelve like him , like when you have Necro vs Twelve in 3S, you’ll see “Twelves” on the screen and they fly away and 12th remains to fight Necro. Or maybe since there are only 10 “Twelves” on the screen Necro and Effie are project number 1 and 2 (maybe project 2 to 12 have different powers, and Twelve’s powers are invisibility, flight and transformation !!! But of course we’ll never know, Capcom doesn’t really give a fuck about their stories)

Twelves ending in 3s hints that he is “awakening” and may have a soul. His yellow eye opens in the very end. The dialog is hard to follow though…

Yeah Twelve is the “Perfect” version of Necro, and his mission is to find and destroy Necro because his DNA contains secrets Uriens organization doesn’t want to get out.