What are OG players?

And what does OG stand for?

OG is an acronym for Original Gangster.

Nowadays it’s used more as a term for something that’s old-school, not so much gangster-affiliated at all. Like, saying a car is OG means that it’s old, not necessarily that it looks gangster.

So an OG player, in the fighting game sense, is someone who has been around the scene for a long time. Alex Valle and Mike Watson are good examples of high-quality OG players.

Snake is just pulling your chain, dude. It means Orange Guile. OG players main Orange Guile.

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SA beat me to the punch.

I always thought it was Original Gangster and then just kinda devolved to Original.

OG could also mean original, unique, first, etc… KIDS NOW A DAYS

don’t be an ass Snake… it means Orange Guile, sorry about him…

in practice it just means a player who has been in the competitive scene, going to tournaments consistently since the early/mid nineties. generally it also implies that theyre a highly skilled player too. jeff schaefer, mike watson, tomo ohira, kuni funada etc would be first generation OGs (been competing since sf2 days) while john choi, alex valle, david sirlin are second gen OGs (i’m sure all of them had been playing since sf2 but they didnt really make a name for themselves until the mid 90s).

OG stands for Orange Gatorade; their second flavour ever, and the only flavour that they introduced in the 70’s. This is kind of a double meaning because it refers to guys who were born in the 70’s, and so were usually in their late teens or early twenties when Champion Edition (the second version of SF2) was released in arcades and became really, really popular. An OG player is someone who has been playing since that era.

[media=youtube]CQ4PnlZqrRw"]**An OG player thats been Playing since 1991[/B[/media] Great definition to me OORRRYUUUKENNN? , Much respect to this dude

That was fucking awesome, thank you for sharing that.

Dude was so old he called Street Fighter II, “part 2.” XD

I thought it meant “Old Gamer”

Ryool and his whoruken, off topic but still, that video was funny shit…

orange gatorade is wrong, its orange guile.

So what makes a person OG? Being in some scene for awhile or I got my first game system when I was 5 or 7.

You’re OG if you refer to Guile’s Flash Kick as his Blade Kick because of the hidden switchblade in his boot. You also know that his real name is actually General Uile because you were sharp enough to notice the period between the ‘G’ and ‘UILE’ in SFII.

Blade kick? Bleah, youngins today. It’s razor kick!

jackknife kick is also an acceptable term.

So I’d be an OG since I’ve played SF2 since I was 6 years old?

Also it was always Blade kick mafahkas

and Tatsumaki was always CHOPCHOPAROOKET

actually have to have been in the competitive scene and good at the game

two ways to describe it imo…

O.G (ol school gamer)

  1. who grew up with Street Fighter 2, Fatal Fury, Mortal Kombat, Samurai Showdown, World Heroes etc.etc. and played fighting since…
    I personally played fighting games in arcades and SNES consoles at the time…

  2. those who competed in big tourney’s and have been in the arcade scene for a long time… EX… Tomo Ohira, Jeff Shaeffer, John Choi, Mike Watson etc.etc.