What are Oni's changes in USFIV? (Discussion welcome!)

Im really interested in how he’ll get buffed/nerfed, preferably the first option.

Maybe more cancels and generally better frame data? Less reliance on his DP? Less gimmicky slash?

I’d love to know everything and anything.


  • Can now FADC his DP, but only on the first hit, whether it connects or is blocked.

  • Ultra 2 is now a double half-circle back motion.

  • His Forward Medium Kick now has 11f startup, instead of 13f.

  • His Crouching Heavy Kick is now 8f startup instead of 9f, and has 20f recovery instead of 24f.

  • His Focus Attack has longer range.

  • Heavy Shoryuken now invincibility frames reduced. Now has full invincibility on 1~5f (used to 1~8) and strike invincibility on 6~7f (used to be 9~10f).

  • Light Demon Slash now does 110 damage (down from 120), and 130 stun (down from 150).

  • Heavy Demon Slash is now -6f on block, instead of -8f.

  • EX Demon Slash is now -8f on block, instead of -10f.

  • Medium Demon Palm is now -4f on block, instead of -6f, but its first invincibility frame has been removed.

  • Electric Fireball (all versions) now have 2 frames less recovery.

  • Ultra 1 now does 375 damage when not cinematic (up from 350), and now has 9f startup instead of 11f.

  • Light Demon Palm is now -5f on block, instead of -7f.

  • Aerial Ultra 1 startup changed to 11f, from 14f.

These are possibly the best things ever.

Thanks for the info!

Really interested to see all the new combos and stuff I can pull off.


After watching that video with rolento and oni fighting I literally found nothing to discuss :l

Was it Onilords vs Valle? That really sucked, couldn’t guage anything. Onilords got absolutely dominated 100% of the match.

Yeah, I was hoping to see something

I absolutely hate the fact that he can FADC his DP. Specially because DP FADC dash forward is getting nerfed across the board (-3 after dash for everyone), with his backdash being “meh” he won’t go far and the fact that he can’t fadc into ultra anymore.

I don’t really care about the invincibility nerf since it makes everything fair in perspective with seth and akuma’s DPs also getting invincibility nerfs

does anybody else feel that the changes are pretty bad nerfs overall? dp fadc is useless on hit, mk stomp invincibility frame removed, less recovery on slashes useless aswell. i really like the sweep buff though.

dp fadc is useless on hit but having your opponent know you have the option to uppercut safely with 2 bars is a great advantage. I need to really see the focus range but I’ll welcome any kind of buff to it and I’m glad they made step kick quicker too. I’m sort of on the fence about his changes because of the damage nerfs but overall I think they’re positive.

Even if it’s small, it fixes one of his main problems (start up/recovery times being slow) in my opinion. And honestly, ive never found a use for that one frame of invincibility in a real match

that 1 frame of invincibility makes it a pretty good reversal in certain situations. when that is gone, it’ll get stuffed by any normal. as it is now, since the first frame is invincible and on 2nd you are airborne, you just flip in the air (like viper burn kicks).

/e: i’m confused, are both lk and mk stomp airborne on 1st frame? i always thought they airborne on 2nd.

from what i’ve seen, I think you might be right

It’s BS that Oni’s U2 is a half circle motion instead of quarter circle. It’s a great anti-air move, but it’s really hard to execute in time on reaction.

Also, it’s hard to kara with a move like cr.mk to lower your hitbox as well.

They should give it an input like the demon moves or just make it quarter circles.

strange. I find it to be the perfect motion for AA AND for FADC combos.

I didnt want the move to overlap with his demon slashes if you ever went from blocking down+back and when you see someone jump and you go for the ultra, it did a demon slash instead

As a Rose player I had my share of problems when wanting to activate her U2 and saw Rose do EX Reflect or HP Reflect instead, wasting both my momentum and my EX bars during those moments. I don’t think this is what people would want for Oni too.

Why is DP FADC useless on hit now? Thanks!

there doesn’t seem to be any combos you can do from it

lets just say that it’s not final

oh how i hope that change isnt final

As usual community suggestions are much better than what Capcom gives us.

Normals still below average and very punishable. Tiny tweak on step kick, sweep, & focus attack. DP cancel was not needed. Thanks for the update.

I feel the same way about Hawk’s U2

I understand his FADC not being exceptionally useful, but wouldn’t it allow him to DP to U1 like Ryu? Or am I missing something here, since I’ve never really gotten FADCs down enough to use them in a match.