What aRe oro's main bnb's and pokes

Is the chicken stomp the man bnb? What do oro’s generally use as a go to bnb off of a light attack or something? Also what are his main pokes?

He won’t have much off light attacks.

Use those badass mediums! SF3 is about hitting hard more so than say SF4, jab into safe stuff. Though light attacks x2 or 3 to confirms (Super, best case) is always good to have.

I’m not much of an Oro, but go for crMK xx specials. That has the hitstun you need for HCB command grab in the right range as part of the in close mixup where you want to hit close MP launcher. A little jungle and online trickery in crMK xx QCF Kick = crossup, knockdown too right?

cr MP special cancels too. If only to fireball if you need space, when close, can work to up Punch uppercut charge move/sometimes command grab too but not a true combo - they have to stop blocking,
but crMK will undoubtedly be better for combo to uppercut.

Chicken stomp a BnB? (Instant)Air one for overhead? That’s to start high low mixup, I think.

Pokes, them kicks. MK is tricky and nearly the range of HK. Stand MP. Towards MP to catch early jumps, anti air if you’re that close.

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