What are other fighting games like at the tournament level?

I’m a big fighting game fan. Always have been, always will be. But since discovering the competitive level of these games, I have always wondered as to what lesser known games would be like at this level, and I’m slowly discovering that. Like, if I ran a Red Earth side tournament at Evo or something. I saw that they did it with Vampire Savior at UFGT7. So, what if you take games like Red Earth or Capcom Fighting Jam and put them in the hands of some major competitors?

Vampire Scrubs has links to tournament results as well as replays of high level Vampire Savior from Japan.

you can find some high level jp matches of cfj on youtube

but there are alot of lesser known games that i am curious to see at a high level of play, even games that people consider to be a joke. I’ll have to think about all of them

That’s what I’m saying, though. Even the games considered to be a joke. That, or something that’s less popular like Rival Schools: Project Justice.

I don’t think Red Earth ever had a competitive scene. I’m sure someone/somewhere tried to have a Powerstone competitive scene, but probably failed.

Rival Schools didn’t last a competitive game because I believe tons of braindead infinites were discovered.

CFJ, this game wasn’t given long to last. But basically CFJ basically turned into Jedah running mixups on weaker characters. I believe Jedah and Kenji became God-tier in this game, along with Anakaris. As to what made any of them good, is basically they all had mixups that pretty much the entire cast couldn’t handle. You had Guy, Karin, and Urien all kind of hanging out in the mid-tier. And you had most of the Red Earth characters kind of handing out at high tier. I guess you may had an X-factor or 2 like Zangief who could do some damage under the right situtations. But pretty much here was your game. I think people wrote it off too quickly.

CVS1, pick a character plus Naroku.

SVC, don’t get GCFS’d by Geese or Zero because that means a dead character.

A lot of games pretty much come down to one or two dumb things which is why you hear less about them. They’ve been deemed uncompetitive for those reasons.

Nobody in America knows high level Red Earth or CFJ, and as far as I know, nobody ever wanted to know lol

Yeah. I like this explanation. I can definitely agree with you on those points. I have only just recently seen a combo video for Red Earth. It would be almost futile to try and create a scene for the game, but it would be nice to see it at high level play.

I actually know what you’re talking about with Rival Schools. That wouldn’t be very fun to play or watch. Maybe another sequel would be better fine tuned for tournament play.

Damn. As far as CFJ goes, I never thought about those characters at all. That game was cool on the fact that the meters, and attributes were different. So it was like character-exclusive grooves. Watching James Chen’s combo video for it had me under the impression that they were all pretty broken. Haha

Most games I play are usually based on the competitive nature. So, that’s the reason I want to see more appearances of games like Garou: MOTW. What else was good, but overlooked?

screw all the haterz. I actually had a lot of fun playing cfj, it was really a fun game than imho people stopped playing too soon.

I feel you, man. I agree with Brahn. People wrote it off too quickly. It is probably fun to watch in side tournaments. I want to see what specialists of each respective game could do with those characters.

I would play Red Earth but I like dinosaurs and Nool a lot. I’m dumb like that.

It’s weird that there’s only four characters in that game. You would think with the small roster on that game, that they would have made more appearances in other games. I really think Mai-Ling would have been perfect for UMvC3.

Subscribe to A-Cho on Youtube.

I’ve seen even 2k12 Alpha 3 tournaments… All KoF games, popular games, not-so-popular games… etc.

Yeah a-cho is pretty solid. I like the RBS and FFS tournies that happen from time to time. Or like SNES sailor moon lol

you get stuff like this


They do not upload tourney footage on that channel. That channel is for casuals usually after tourney footage.

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the clarification.

Damn. That’s a trip. This is the kinda stuff I’ve been looking for. That Sailor Moon vid was nuts. That’s what I’m talking about. When you take an unassuming fighting game, and play it at a high level. There are plenty of game out there that haven’t reached their playable potential yet. I want to see more vids like this. Does anyone know if Neo Geo Battle Coliseum ever got any kind of good following?

Yeah, it’s out there. NGBC was pretty tight.

MK Trilogy N64 in Dominican Republic. I have to see yet anyone better than them:


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