What are our buying options on PC?

I know of steam and the GMG deal from the front page but will we get a collector’s edition? Is GMG reliable enough to get the beta/costume on time?

I thought this was gonna be about PC parts.

Anyways, afaik steam is all digital, and GMG doesn’t have any costume bonuses.


Look again.

I’ve pre-ordered from GMG before. The code will come a little late but they always come through. I would get it from them if you value saving money over getting the game early as possible. GMG loves to throw coupon codes at you. There been times you can get as low as 40% off on a pre-order.

I think that the lowest price right now on SF5 is with a discount of 26%. Maybe I’ll pre-order tomorrow.

Someone in the Steam discussions got 32% off from some email code on the 20th, or so they said.
Edit: I guess it’s one of those vouchers linked to someones account.

We could use this thread to track the best deal.

GMG will send personal coupon codes to their regular customers. I get them all the time.

The game is also available for purchase at Gamers Gate. I’ve never brought from them before. They also offer beta access and the Chun-Li costume.

I saw that post. That coupon is account-binded though. :frowning:

I think I’ll get the game for 44.40€, with a 26% discount.