What are our chances for an MvCI fighstick?


Legit loved the MvC2 fighstick Madcatz made for the PS3/360. Then came the Hori UMvC3 fighstick and honestly dont like the look of that one compared to the MvC2 one. So what are our chances and who do yall want to make it?



Madcatz… expect a line of pads as well.


Might be other companies this time. I mean, MarkMan’s currently with Razer now.


Plus, isn’t MadCatz on the verge of insolvency anyways? I don’t think they’ll be putting out many product lines in the future


Depends. Putting out new designs using old stock (which is what all these companies tend to do) is a great way to make to make an easy buck.


Yeah. I would instantly pre order a MvCI stick if Madcatz makes it.


Razer is making a push in the PS4 markets but have they been know to do liscensed stuff?

All their products, seem to have a homogeneous design for brand recognition.


They’ve made some Pc stuff like mic and keyboards for blops 3 and tomb raider and overwatch but thats about it.



fightstick… :mad:


I think they’ll use the TvC Shell for that since this game is suppose to be more newbie friendly.


I don’t think they have those anymore. Part of the reason we got the TvC stick, Brawl Edition and even the Korean Edition was because they had extra stock lying around. However, they haven’t done anything with the SE shell in forever, making it likely that they’re all gone.


You can count on it easy


Depends, The stick makers took it in the pooper when SFIV and SFV allowed you to use PS3 sticks on a PS4. They are taking the correct path not allowing it on the PS4 version of UMvC3 based on the amount of people on my Facebook feed scrambling to get a new Stick to play Marval on the new system


Im playing umvc3 on pad. I suck but fuck paying money for a new stick lol


If MVCI have a pair play mode , an arcade stick with usb port will be great.
Only one stick plug by team , second player just need to plug on his teammate.


Can you use a usb hub? I don’t know if a usb hub would introduce latency or anything like that


I consult for Razer and that leaves me open to work with every company (which I do, except for one).


In Usb 3.0 i’m really confident that not add input lag.
Maybe Usb 3.0 stick will be more accurate.


Its almost a full gone conclusion there will be a stick.a question i wanna know is what are the odds mvc origins and mvc2 get put back on psn and live