What are Ryu's options against Sentinel?

I’ve been playing MvC 3 for a couple weeks now with Ryu on point, and the fight I seem to have the most trouble with is Sentinel.

I can’t figure out any good options for Ryu to get in; Sentinel’s Super Armor moves seem to beat almost everything I try, and I don’t seem to be able to get in after blocking to punish him.

What am I missing here? Is there a strong option for Ryu to get in on Sentinel, or do I just have to play the fight as a zoning fireball war?

doesn’t Tatsumaki go through his super armor?

Super Armor? you could walk back and forth to try to bait it out then jump over it then Air tatsu even if he blocks it you ll be upclose and could go for an instant overhead combo taking off like 1/4 of his health. If he spams Sentinel force the rockets you can catch it early with a hadoken because one hadoken beats two rocktets once you actually start seeing the first rocket the rockets you might still just barely be able to hit him with it. You can beat all of his Sentinel Force rockets if you jump and Fireball in the air to hit the top of his head so the rockets don’t cancel it out if you can’t hadoken before they come out. Also, If he spams the beam you do actually have time in between to dash forward and block, super jump or Shinkuu I he tries to keep throwing them at you one after another. Also, remember to stay calm to see if you can recognize his patterns so you could know what to do next. I hate that match up it’s so hard to punish him.

I’m not sure if it does or not. It seems to beat it sometimes and lose to it other times; it could be a weird hitbox issue, I suppose.

I don’t play ryu so I don’t know all his options, but just stating the obvious ones. Bait the moves and punish, if he does his Neutralize A reaction shinku should beat it clean, and maybe even HSF

Just get him in the corner and straight up murder him.


zoning fireball war is what i do. usually if it’s ryu vs sent i have stocks of hyper which will beat anything sent has for me.

i think the problem comes when i don’t have meter and he has xfactor. then it’s kinda annoying. I do a lot of air tatsu though.

Shinku Hadoken doesn’t beat HSF, you can use Shin Shoryuken if you’re close enough, though. I haven’t tested timing on beating Neutralize with my super, I’ll have to work on that in training mode to get the timing down.

Sentinel is super easy to punish because of his slow ass normals and supers. You can pretty much Shinku Hadoken his Sentinal force on reaction. Bait out them out and punish. If you dash in just be sure hold up and back to block the launcher that you know will be coming. Though don’t throw out Shinku too indiscriminatingly as HSF eats through Shinku. If you are watching for it though you can super jump and punish.

As for his spit, if he gets the first one off don’t try and punish the second one (the smart sentinels will go low and high leads into low spit), it won’t work, but if you react when he says “Neautralize” you can get him on the first one.

I feel ultimately, you really need meter against Sentinel to be a real threat to him, though when you do have meter, it’s pretty cool. Meter lets you either Shinku him on reaction when he hits anything or actually do real combo damage to him.

The match up reminds me of Ryu vs. Sagat in Vanilla SF4, hehe. Here are four tips I have vs. Sentinel:

  1. When he goes for the st.HP, you can of course, duck those. When he goes for a cr.HP, you can neutral jump them and punish with an Air Shinku. If Sentinel is your 2nd member, you can 100% him with 3 meters and X-Factor.

  2. Once you land a LP Hadouken from full screen, keep doing them. He does not have enough time to let out a HP to counter, forcing him to come to you or do a random super to reset the situation.

  3. If he does a random HSF, you have 2 options to punish him. you can super jump forward and Air Shinku downward to punish him. You can also do a forward super jump, low Air MP Tatsu early cancel into Air Shinku forward/downward. If you have Sentinel 2nd, you can 100% him with X-Factor and 3 meters.

  4. You can instant overhead him with j.LP x2, j.MP xx LP Air Tatsu.

You can 100% him with X Factor of of an instant overhead from anywhere on the screen with just level one X Factor and 1 hyper or may be just an air exchange? see video [media=youtube]sW84SB0iOLU[/media] I used Jumping H as an instant overhead that might be too easy to react to but Im sure you could start with Lp and still end finish with the other combo from the video in the link check it out.

Thanks for all of the tips, everyone. I’ll be sure to try them out when I play against the several Sentinels in the pool of people I play against this coming week. From what I’m reading, it looks like I should start a different character and keep Ryu as a back-up for once I’ve built some meter.

I’ve been wanting to mess around with Ryu a bit since like Felicia, most are uncomfortable with his lack of Mahvel style air options. I would imagine the more meter you have in this matchup for sure the Sentinel has to resepct you.

When I face a Sentinel with Ryu, I try to use hadoukens whenever I can.
To get close to him, super jump and BLOCK. Dont attempt to hit him, unless you know he won’t use his launcher.

When you get close, he will probably do 2M and launcher. I think there is enough time to dash and 2M, 5C etc
If you are too close, jA works as an overhead, so you can combo after that.
When he flies and hit you with jC, I do believe you can Shoryuken him before his jS comes out.
Airborne Shinkuu Hadouken is your best friend, and using medium and fierce tatsus can trap him into hitting the air, allowing you to Shinkuu Hadouken him.
When they are too far away, they usually use his beam and cancel it into small flying robots. If you can predict that (Its not hard), you can Shinkuu Hadouken him before he shoots his beam.

I’ve got a few combos for Ryu on this vid, and there is a small loop on a cornered Sentinel:


I hope it helps.

Mash dp

i like to come overhead and use a short spin kick down then transition into the fat kick across the screen and follow that with LAZOR!~!!!111!!!onE! seriously, it works :badboy:

this match up is extremely free free. what you gotta do is hj in and bait the launcher with a a light tatsu. and if your in the ground jump s then he’ll push block yo so u dash in and instant overhead with S and an assist and from there go to a full combo. and you can dp his normals on reaction. this is me vs mike infinite and u can see that reaction dp on his normals work. Justin.tv around 1:40:00 is my match

I’ll offer some tips too.


  • Sentinel users tend to go for jumping S to try to land that ground bounce, one of the best ways to deal with this is to air throw. It’ll stop em cold and give time to throw out a Shinku if desired.
  • Fairly basic, but avoid throwing Hadokens/Shikus too close to Sentinels with meter. They can Hard Drive on reaction and punish you throwing one.

On ground:

  • if they try spit, work on jumping over the beams and land a j.H or j.S. If you think they’re going to try to throw a standing S at you, bait it out, backdash to avoid the S then throw out something quick, like a Hadoken. Even better is Shin Shoryuken since it has invincibility on startup, or a plain shoryuken if timed correctly (I’ve noticed its harder to time a normal Shoryuken than the Hyper version).

Try to throw air throw Sentinels whenever they try to come close. Do this to deal with throw attempts +approaches and punish them for it.

  • Mix in the use of air L Tatsu when doing air to ground approaches. Since it changes Ryu’s trajectory you can seem like you’re falling onto them, then L Tatsu change your path and mess with them. If timed right, you’ll also score a free hit into combo. Push them away with Shinku if it looks like it isn’t working.

Yeah nice! was what i needed to see!