What are signs of an overly aggressive pit bull?

I was in my back yard pulling weeds out of my mom’s garden, and our PR neighbor’s male pit ran into the fence, roaring (not barking, fucking ROARING) and trying to tear off boards with his teeth, cutting his mouth in the process. I don’t know if their new puppies are a factor (I would think that the female would be the dangerous one in that case, but it’s always been the male acting crazy). Uh…is this normal pit behavior, or considering that this neighbor has his relatives (and their many kids) over for birthday parties, is this another pit bull attack news story waiting to happen? My family can’t set foot in the back yard without this dog going into a frenzy. He can’t even SEE us through the fence, but he sure as hell seems to want a piece. He continued this behavior for 20 minutes after I finished and went back inside.

Yeah, this sounds like a news story waiting to happen.

My neighbor’s rat terrier does that same song and dance when I’m in the backyard. Difference is I could kick that motherfucker for a 50 yard field goal if it came at me serious.

It’s “normal” in the sense that the dog is likely bored as shit and doesn’t get enough walks and exercise nor obedience training. You can pretty much guarantee the dog will attack someone given the chance. Owners are irresponsible imo.

You could always tell your neighbors the dog is bothering you and ask them to bring him in when he’s barking like that. If they refuse you can call the cops (not sure what they can do).

staying outta this one

When you find half of a dead six year old in its mouth, I think it’s time…

I wish it were that easy. The house is completely fenced in: chain link in front out to the sidewalk, and a continuous wooden fence on back and side that my family and the previous residents of that home built together. This new family (really just a guy and his girl…I expect an…“incident” when they have a kid together) put up a swinging wooden door that separates the back yard from the front…and a doggie door in the bottom to allow the dogs full free roam over the entire property.The only thing I can safely reach to communicate with the neighbor is their mailbox, which is located outside their yard.

Sounds like he’s just waiting to find a kid to rip apart.

He’s just waiting for the right opportunity to RAPE you dude, which is probably what you want anyways you furball.

Just call animal control to have them come out to check on the dog and situation. Let them make the call. Other than that you are not really going to be able to tell how bad the situation could be.

unless the dog actually did something to someone animal control has no reason to come out there.

your furry fantasies might finally come into fruition. You obviously made this thread in celebration.

In every state I have lived in they will come out for a complaint even if there has not been an actual attack so I assume its the same in most places. If they give you a hard time just say the owners are abusing the animal and they will come out to inspect the situation anyway.

:rofl: I had just been about to say “Why are you not PMing Phlex?”

Sure as fuck ain’t barking. A bark doesn’t last for more than a second per bark. This fucker is extending a single bark for some 6 seconds, inhaling, then continuing so that it sounds like "ARRRAAAAAAAAARRRsnarl/inhaleRAAAAAARRRRRsnort…a couple seconds later, do it all over again. A long, loud, deep vocalization, ie, a roar. This dog is either a bad-ass or certifiably insane.

But what you have failed to tell us is how much this actually turns you on…

It’s a Puerto Rican-owned Pit Bull.
Your whole neighborhood is fucked.

Unless you meant “Public Relations”,
in which case he is not doing his job very well,
and your whole neighborhood is fucked.

Uh…are you okay…you know, in the head? I’m worried about the safety I have in my own yard and you think somebody’s thinking about bestiality? Just because the situation gives you a chubby, don’t assume it has the same effect on others.

Naw man, you got it all wrong man. What I really meant is that your neighbors dog is gonna be okay with his head buried in your chubby butt after he gets his paws on your old “daisy duke wearing while I’m gardening” ass.

No but seriously, rape.

Let it attack you and then Animal Control will get involved. Sacrifice yourself to save the children, it’s what Ethan Mars would do.

I know it sounds impossible, but the last thing you want to do is show fear in front of a dog like that. The dog will pick it up right away, and he’ll know that he has the advantage over you.