What are some attack strings to apply corner pressure? (and some other questions)

  1. Why use j.mp as a jump-in? (usually in corner) as opposed to j.hk
  2. Why use j.lk as a cross-up? as opposed to j.mk. Isn’t j.lk harder to combo from?
  3. What to do after a forward throw across the screen? How to keep the pressure going?
  4. How can I safely release my fireball when under opp pressure?
  5. What are some attack strings to apply corner pressure?
  6. What can I do after landing a j.hp but put myself in the corner? (and opp techs the knockdown)
  7. Why do some players use close standing mk when under opp blockstring?
  1. you shouldnt except against a handful characters off a forward throw (corner) for a fake crossup
  2. who said that ? Also in the corner it can be characterspecifc (there are j.LK unblockable setups off a forward throw)
  3. dash 4x meaty cr.MP. Did you even read the Juri Masterclass thread lol ?
  4. release it while you’re still in blockstun
  5. [special cancelable normal] xx LK fireball > TK dive/ cr.MK frametrap / LK senpusha fadc frametrap/ far.MK / karathrow / dash cr.LK s.LK karathrow / j.MP to catch jumps etc. lol get creative
  6. block
  7. depending on the situation. Juri is airborn for the first few frames which means she can’t be thrown. Also far.MK is pretty good for characters who are just out of their cr.LP pressure range and want to walk in again (sup cammy).

Why don’t people use the Q&A thread for these kind of questions lol

is there a thread for Juri’s corner pressure…?
I believe Juri is one of the top tier corner pressure characters…
perhaps we need a new thread for Juri’s corner pressure…