What are some BASIC CC's with Kyo?

I use P, K, and S grooves and I’m starting to learn A-Groove. I can do a bunch of variants on Dhalsim’s CC but I’m trying to build a team. I am also now using Iori since I can do c.rh ad nauseum and once I get it down like Dhalsim’s will add on to it. I’ve now decided Kyo will make a nice third person.

What besides c.f.rh are some pretty basic cc’s to get me started? I think qcf+p works as well but can’t seem to do it more than 6-8 times before letting off the super by accident. Are there any other easy combos or easy things to add to the end of the c.f.rh?

Like with Dhalsim at the end of his c.lk I throw in fk into super now that I’ve practiced a bit. Any easy things like that with Kyo?

all o of kyo’s cc’s are basic and easy, except for the otg ones, since they require fast inputs. . . sum basic cc’s are:

activate hpx3, hk, df.hk(1hit), hkx2, df.hk(2hits)x6, qcf.qcf+p

or aa cc: [strong oniyaki, whiff df.hk]x6 or 7 i ferget, qcb.hcf+p

the key to whifing df.hk after oniyaki s to watch the hit spark, asson as u see it, df.hk

just so you know the one I have for him is:

Kyos Dizzy CC Combo:
j.HP, s.RK, qcf+RK, RK, dp+RK (2 hits), CC, any juggle to OTG (qcf+LP, hcb+LP - both whiff -, LP -OTG -), c.LK, c.HP (CC ends), qcf+RK, RK, dp+RK

which is too complicated for me so if you consider this one easy I’ve got a lot of work cut out for me. If you just haven’t heard of this one - well if you can pull it off more power to you.

A basic custom I do is qcf+lp, HKx3-4, qcf+lp, HKx3-4 and so and so on til the guy reaches the corner, then with the meter nearing depletion do diagonal df+HK and whip out the final showdown super after the second kick.

Kyo can also do Iori’s guard break super. Repeated dp.+lp untill gaurd break, i’m pretty sure your meter will be up so follow with combo of your choice. Very hard to do, but I thought i’d throw out the info anyway.
My Kyo custom is 6-7 standing roundhouse, switch to a few df.+rh end with hcb+rh and juggle them with qcb,hcf+p . I’ve seen lots of variations of standing roundhouse and df+roundhouse, I think it depends on your distance from the opponent, the df+roundhouse gets you closer i believe.

You probably already know this one…dunno…but anyway, it’s similar to anothere here…
Get the guy into the corner, then activate s.RH x5-8 (8 if you’re crazy good) QCF+FP, s.RH x 3…then do (QCF+FP, s.RH x 3) as many times as you can, and just before your bar runs out QCF+QCF+P…

I did this one on DAN in training mode…it fuxed him up :smiley:

do this one CC, S.Frc x 3, CT.Rdh, S.Frc, CT.Rdh x -----, C.Rdh, C.Frc, Orochi Nagi.

That dfHk wiff one is it stronger and that oniyaki thats HFB HK?