What are some basic Option Selects for Ryu?

I’d like to learn some Option Selects, but I don’t know any. Can someone tell me some basic ones?



Are the links Sleazoid and I provided clear enough, or do you want us to actually go in depth as to what option select is?

I think I understand, but I’d like as much info as I can get. Thank you.

try looking in the ryu board

How do I know if it worked?

If you’re in a match, the simple answer is that you can’t know.

However, if you’re in training mode, you can do what was shown in the first video Sleazoid posted. Go into training mode and pick the character that you want to use the option select against. Pick Ryu for the second player and record him doing the option select. You can then use your character to produce the desired effects to see if you did it right.
For example, in the video, Ryu was recorded doing a sweep, then safe jumping in with fierce and option selecting between an EX dragon punch and safe pokes. If the player made Rufus do an EX Messiah Kick, EX shoryu would come out. If he sat there and blocked, Ryu would go into the block string.