What are some big tournaments where an Abel user won?

some of the best Abels ive seen use were by Rico Suave and Shiro of Japan. they were always in top level competition but i never hear of them as a big time tourny winner.

Check out 8 on the Break streams. You’ll see an amazing Abel player constantly tearing it up, Ryder. Also, IFC Yipes is another really good Abel player, who was also at ECT2.

Rico Suave and Shiro in the same sentence :lol:

Combofiend and Juicebox Abel have both placed very well in tournaments. But I can’t think of a tournament that was won by an Abel main at all…

I don’t remember an Abel player ever winnig a full tounament, but they always end up near the top spot. It’s hard to go all the way with Abel. ryu, sagat, Rufus and sum others have really good counters to pretty much all his moves.

Btw, I haven’t seen a shiro ssf4 Abel match in a while. Does he still even play? Need to see how he approaches the game now.

Not sure how big this one was but I remember Justin winning


Not sure if he played Abel all of the way through either :confused:

Here is a SSF4 Shiro vid uploaded earlier this month:


No Abel has won any big tournament, as far as I know. Justin only used Abel in finals of that WCG tournament last year. That doesn’t really count, IMO.

Outside of that, I know Rico, Ryder, Juicebox, KDZ, Combofiend and myself have won tournaments with Abel (probably Ryan Hunter too, if he was able to get one in when Flash wasn’t around…), but nothing of any notable size.