What are some common ways to take off quickdissconnects

on the hrap2 the qd’s are a pain to take off, im afraid to use pliers and bend or break anything so… does anyone know any other methods to taking off qd’s

thx in advance

screwdrivers dude
check the guides

get a flat head screw driver… not a super big one but a decent size to get under the cap at the end of the QD… then turn the flat head in a quick FLICK fashion to pop off your QD.

piece of cake

NIIIICE. I never knew that. I always just pinch and pull. My fingers used to hurt after a late nighter working on a four player panel!

cool, i’ll try that

thx DJ Matrix

no problem… glad i could help. and yeah tmo, pinching sucks… i remember when i was a wee toddler and i modded teh joysticks. boy how big and strong ive grown. ive got tricks of the trade for like everything lol.

just make sure you flick upwards when you turn your flat head… and not too much force or you will bend the prongs.



Straight from my HRAP2 guide =)

I remember pinching XD. When my friend tried to mod his HRAP2 for the first time, he pinched, then had to use needle nose pliers because his fingers hurt too much. Eventually, him and a friend ended up ripping the QDs from the wires and totally breaking the QDs in half. Fun stuff =)

that being said, any tips on getting troublesome qd’s ONTO a prong?

Haven’t run into any of those so far. I usually just grip it like I would if I were going to pull it off, then push til it clicks. Hasn’t failed me once =P

:tup: to screwdrivers

also, gripping it with a needlenose works too.