What are some counter hit set ups with Rog



Make a list of useful counter hits


Dooode, read the frame data. CH adds +1 to hit frame advantage.

st. lp , s.HP
st. lp, st.mk
st. lp, ultra
deep cr.mk, ultra
deep cr.mk, *
cr.jab, cr.hk
lvl1 TAP, cr.lp

etc, etc


Not entirely correct. Counter hits of HP/HK add +3 I believe. Not sure about MP and MK, though I’ve a feeling they’re also +3.

Also, you’re counter hit set ups are actually combos that work on counterhit, where I believe the OP wants ways of drawing out the counter hit.

CS.HK is useful to get a counterhit on crouch techs - this combos into st.hk/c.hk, sometimes c.lp/c.lk xx Dash Straight.

CS.HK followed by st.hk (far) leaves a 4 frame gap I believe, which is really nice for hitting button presses, often crouch techs.

C.LP followed cs.hk also leaves a four frame gap, and that counterhit cs.hk combos into whatever… C.hk, st.hk etc.

C.lp c.lp c.mk is nice - counterhit c.mk links to c.hk.

When right up close, walk back c.mk is nice. Or do c.mp xx Dash Straight, though that’s not a counterhit setup.

Use frame data to find others, you want to make a gap in your blockstring that allows a crouchtech or button press to come out, but get instantly punished by your attack.


I stand corrected.


If you’re looking for useful ones because I know counter-hit setups can seem overwhelmingly technical then low forward -> low roundhouse is one to try fishing for. I hit that one pretty often. I get the turn punch to counterhit rarely but its still looking for if the situation is right.


TAP is always a counterhit if you punish a FA with it (if it armour breaks, counterhit =]), then do c.lp st.lp st.lp c.hk.


CH cs.HP, s.LP xx whatever.


Got to admit I’m not at a good enough level where I even consider fishing for CHit’s but I can say that I abuse TAP a bit too much (being a mid/low level casual and all) and on any Counter-Hit I religiously stick to CLP,CLK,DStraight when being super safe (but generally Headbutt as the finisher, much more risky if you’re not ontop of your timing) purely out of habit.

Infact the above is a lie, kinda. We all know that DUpper whiffs on every crouching opponent and people use this for mixing up throws or CHit/Combo’s so the same applies with that - If I see CJab after whiff DUpper hitting the person I’m going to follow it up with a CLK DS or Headbutt.

Other than that the only real thing I do is occasionally back off into CStrong//CMP and try for DStraights from that but as someone above has said thats not nessecarily a CHit Setup or CH specific trick.

I find non-Shoto’s can often eat a CMK during jab-strings given it’s weird startup (Example someone trying to get out of jumpin’to’jab string then throwing out a CMK to stuff/hit them during their move) but sadly the isn’t too helpful vs Shoto’esque moves for obvious reasons and isn’t a CH specific fish either.

I’ll keep my scrubby mouth shut now but keeping eyes open on the thread for more tips :rock:


Any frame trap will work.


Once again take what I say with a pinch of salt, just giving what I experienced last night (Likely already common knowledge and/or not all that helpful).

Had a fun session with two seperate people, one Cammy and one Akuma - I gave my own post a shot and entered a block string on said Cammy with duo-CJab then threw a CMK afterwards, Counter-Hit her CLK (Was obviously trying to mash me out incase I missed an input) which I connected into CR (Sweep). May be just me but I really love CMK as it’s got a misleading startup and is quite nice against certain characters - Probably not as good an option as CMP but it has it’s use and I’ve gotten quite a sum of CHits from it.

Against the Akuma I accidentally Auto-Correct TAP his Crossover Tatsu which counter hit him trying to jab me from the other side, quite casually used that to get a CLP CLK EXRU+ thanks to the frames.

Again, probably not all that helpful or informative but it was funky and gave me a warm fuzzy feeling purely because it looked cool. I’m so easily amused it’s sad.


Most typical and basic CH TAP scenario.


Suits me fine because at my level people seem to think it’s smart to throw a fireball on my wakeup when they are within Headbutt Range sigh I say that with a big eyeroll as it’s just sad.

Instead of just Headbutting I like to TAP and continue on some more pressure/damage, even if CH TAP to JabShort RU Loop isn’t the best you could do I suspect. If I was confident in my combo ability and notice an imminent CH TAP a CJab CSRH Short/CMP RU Loop would have hurt like hell.

It’s not a setup of course but if you do notice an opponent is stupid enough to throw slow fireballs so close to you on your wakeup like above, feel free to TAP into something juicy. Not helpful against Guile and doubt it’s worth risking on Sim but I’m pretty sure Ryu/Ken/Sagat/Akuma/Gouken will eat it point blank.