What are some good escape options for dudley and what does tick throw mean?

What are some good escape options for dudley when being pressured with block strings, or when stuck in a corner? also what does tick throw mean? thanks

wow really thanks alot guys

His back dash is very good, but do not use it too often or you will get caught. EX Jet Uppercut is good if you have 3 bars of EX meter so you can make it safe by Focus Attack Dash Cancelling it.

Effective blocking and throw teching is obviously the best way though. And anti-airing jump ins so you can’t be put under pressure.

If Dudley is standing up close next the opponent, it is normally an advantageous position for you.

Tick throw is where you throw an opponent when they reach the neutral frame after recovering from a block. typically, block strings give you frame advantage over your opponent which in most cases means u can continue ur string of attacks. Tick throwing is a way of resetting that string. i.e. if u do cr lp cr lp s hk ex mgb thats bnb combo. however, if u hit confirm the two cr lp’s and find your opponent is blocking, there is no need to combo the s hk or ex mbg so instead, you walk up and throw during that period of frame advantage. You can’t throw the opponent while he is in recovery frames, so if your opponent reads your throw, he can tech it. However, attempting tick throws at different times in your block string can really confuse your opponent and allow you another opportunity to force your opponent to “block right” as once you get an overhead or low hit with dudley its pretty much off to the combo races.

small example: first time u come in with cr lp cr lp throw. then u go in with cr lp throw. then u go in with jump attack cr lp throw. then u go with jump attack throw. I not saying that’s a good string to use, but doing the tick throw at different points in your strings keep your opponent guessing and allow you to do more complex things like frame traps. so, after a couple of throw setups, you try something that gives u frame advantage like f + mk, then look for counter hit and then GGPO.