What are some good post stun combos for Chun to use?

The most damaging one I did was:

Down J.HP -> cl.HK -> SA2

Jump in roundhouse and back fierce into a forward SBK
It causes good stun but only works on standing characters.

Amir pointed out to me that the close 3hit forward stompy kick thingy stuns too but it looks wierd.

What about crouching fierce, Would that be same damage?

personally i like jump in RH, down fierce (landed), mk sbk on a stunned opponent.
but it depends on your positioning and the meter. if you get knocked far away from them during the stun i just go for back fierce xx hp fireball so they don’t get time to mash out.
if you have meter then any fierce/RH jumpin into back fierce or st.cl.RH xx sa2 will be the best.
however it also depends on how up on life you are, if you still have a round to go and how much meter you have.
if you are way up on life and have a round left, just save the meter. they should be pretty close to dead if you have them stunned anyway. chun’s stun moves all do a shit ton of damage and ill rarely stun someone without them being in range of being killed by a non metered jump in.
in those rare cases where you can stun and they DO have allot of life left, then yeah burn the meter and kill em in one go.

Crouching fierce is roughly the same amount of damage but using back fierce causes a much larger amount of stun.