What are some good tips on blocking?


Ive been practicing SSFIV pretty regularly now, and while i am getting better, i am not getting as good as I want to be. I think my number one problem is blocking, because in some matches my health bar will drain pretty quickly. It never even occured to me that crouch blocking and regular blocking make a difference until today. Do any of you guys have some tips when it comes to blocking so I will be able to block most attacks and have a strong offense at the same time?


The way I look at blocking is there are 2 modes you can be in…

The first is a total commitment to blocking, which basically means, you are trying to block everything so your opponents offensive momentum will slow down. In this situation, you’re not looking for an easy out like a reversal or jump away, you’re just crouch blocking, and reacting to overheads and throws.

The other is blocking and looking for the escape option. Here, its crouching blocking, but you’re waiting for the pause in your opponents attack to either escape (jump away, teleport, whatever), or attack them back. In this case, its going to be harder to react to overheads and throws, so you might end up eating a couple, but thats ok.

Hope that makes sense. I think very few players commit to blocking.

EDIT: Naturally, the decision on which style of blocking is appropriate for your current situation is up to you.


You should try playing some ranked matches online vs. “More Skilled” players and just spend the whole time blocking, teching throws and learning when to go for option selects (it’s very important to your fundamental skill in defense).

PP and BP don’t matter, don’t feel bad if you lose A LOT due to this method because points are essentially useless, PP is used by the game for matchmaking, and BP is just how much time you’ve dedicated to your character. Don’t be phased by losing points!


what gMok said… the road to getting better in all aspects of this game is paved with hundreds of loses haha. I’ve found that after the first 100 or so, my emotional response to losing goes away and then I’m able to analyze my loses and adapt for the next game. This was especially big when it came to blocking for me, as I was all or nothing; too defensive or not defensive enough. Don’t try and be pro right away… noob it up and get those loses out of the way so you don’t get emotional about losing. That’s when it actually gets fun, even when you lose.


Wow thanks for the responses guys, i guess everyone was in my situation at one point since you understand it so well. I am still at the ‘emotion’ stage when I lose (i usually flick off the tv when i lose) Im glad that stage goes away eventually lol… Ill try what gMok said.