What are some of Oros chains and Blockstrings?

The only chain I know is :lk: :mk: and really nothing about his blockstrings, could someone help me here?

That’s the only chain he has, and it’s useless too. As for blockstrings, watch my old tutorial video on combovideos.com.

I watched the video but I can not figure out what some of the moves are.

um, important moves to note:

The launcher into the crazy jump-kick combo is his close MP, you have to cancel the first hit.
Close MK and crouching MK both combo into his command throw.
Other than that, I think you can pretty much just play the game and push buttons till you find the right normals.

As for specials, well, if you don’t know the commands for those, there’s not much I can do for you.

By moves I ment blockstrings. I know the chicken combo and just about all the basics.

s.lk, c.lk, s.hk
s.lk, c.lk, c.mk
s.lk, c.lk, s.mk


Yeah, it’s going to be either a crouching or standing kick normal when it comes to his poke strings. Easy enough to figure out.


thats easily one of the greatest tutorial vids ive ever seen

Nah, it’s old and practically obsolete. The real tutorial vids are the ones with text to guide you through.

There is another link. You can do close standing jab then short. Its basically useless because it doesn’t do any damage.

celebrity oro spotted w00t

hahaha, i just discovered that today hung

anyways random oro stuff:
i found a probably not so new unblockable so forgive me if it’s old as shit which it probably is. since i had problems doing mp(2-hit), mp(1-hit)xxxyagou ball, i made this up. so far i’ve only tried it on dudley, necro, elena, i knwo it dosn’t work on urien and some other characters.

it’s just:
mp(2-hit)xxxmp yagou, hold uf he jumps up, hits the ground then jumps again, when you’re on the other side, double jump straight up then rh to break

since the ball hits twice, they can’t roll

also, i need tips on doing the stun combo and after a yagou reset in the corner, what’s the timing to throw out a exball so you can mk to unblockable

What stun combo are you talking about? The 100% stun on Q/Chun/Elena? All you have to do is press Jab right after you activate the EX Tengu, walk back a bit, then hold towards on the stick while you press Roundhouse. You’ll get used to the spacing and timing of the Roundhouses after some practice. The last Roundhouse should be timed later than the rest so that you walk up more and let some rocks hit with it.

For the Yagyou reset unblockable, the timing is pretty forgiving because of how slow the upward EX fireball moves. Just shoot the EX fireball as the last Yagyou hit connects, but not so early that it juggles.

Building on the link Hung posted, close standing Jab, standing Short xx EX Uppercut is a damn hard combo. The combo doesn’t even look impressive at all considering how hard it is to do.

Here’s another useless link: close standing Jab, close Forward (xx command grab). You might think this one is more useful, but the restrictions make it useless: the opponent has to be crouching AND in the process of being stunned to allow enough frames for the link.

so that unblockable i posted above…dosn’t fucking work, wtf, can i get an explanation as to why? if you try to block the ball, the rh will hit you, but if you try to block the rh, you WILL block the rh and the ball will not hit, thus not breaking guard

When you do a jump-over unblockable, the opponent can block the first Yagyou hit on wakeup either way. When you do a crossup Forward unblockable, they can’t. Same deal with the Aegis, it’s just the way it is.

Also, the best setups have the Yagyou hit only once, not twice. That will give you more hits to work with on the opponent’s wakeup; this makes the unblockable harder to parry out of and easier to follow up on.