What are some of your most nostalgic gaming experiences?

This a thread made to discuss some of your most early gaming experiences when you was younger. For me one that comes to mind is when I traded my first game. It was some nes game i had and i was 5 yrs old. trading and borrowing my games and toys was a no no with my parents but my friend had bubble bobble for nes and i traded him double dragon 3 for it just to for the week. well a week went past and i asked for my game back my friend kept saying he would give it back but i knew his older bros probably deebo’ed it from him. So eventually I cried and told my dad about the whole thing and I got my ass whipped and then he walked me to their house afterwards while im still crying in pain to get my game back. long story short i got my game back but at least i got to play bubble bobble for a minute. in hindsight it wasnt a good idea but its just one of my many memories. add on :shy:

Being in awe of my dad for beating the escort missions of goldeneye for me (BECAUSE THEY SUCK AND NO ONE LIKES THEM)
Almost crying because Best Buy gave away my reserved copy of Starfox
Playing THPS 1 with my friend who didn’t own a memory card, so we left his ps1 on all night, or just beat the game all over again.
Food fight on the Atari

4 Player Simpson or Xmen machines

leaving the ps1 on all night because you couldn’t get a memory card until report card time came was the business. yeah im 24 now but i remember trying to unlock the invisiblity cheat in 007 but eventually giving up on the 1000th time

I have 4 player simpson.

My most nostalgic moments are being 3 playing world warrior on sega, beating zelda at age of 3 and playing atari playing this game where you’re trying to avoid bombs coming off a roof.

[media=youtube]ifDhNz0NeYw"[/media] on Sega Master System.

Just listening to the music makes me happy. I was about 2 or 3, and I used to watch my dad play it all the time.

[media=youtube]lmgk-Y7J6bQ"[/media] on the Master System aswell.

I had a lot of games on Master System, but I was too young to remember most of them, I vaguely remember some wrestling game. I had Sonic and Goldenaxe aswell.

[media=youtube]uQxzYlxeNOM"]Shinobi and [URL=“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77lqP9zj6-0”[/media] were good too.

Then I got a SNES when I was about 4 and I had Super Mario All Stars, Super Mario World, Zelda Link to the Past, Mario Kart, NBA Jam, Krusty’s Fun House, SF2 WW, SF2 HF, Mortal Kombat 1 & 2, Killer Instinct, Primal Rage, Rise of the Robots :rofl:

I used to know a guy who had Shaq Fu aswell :rofl:
Fighting games were so popular in the 90’s, shit like Rise of the Robots and Shaq Fu would never happen nowadays… well I suppose it does happen, but in other genres, like FPS.

I had a lot more games but I really can’t remember any.

Then came the N64 and Playstation.

watching my cousin play MK2 with his custom built stick. it was awesome…

oh man let me go on about the scariest game I played til re 2

dungeon explorer [media=youtube]03k6xAYWUmM[/media]

Waiting 15minutes for Commodore 64 games to load! I miss Mayhem in Monster Land :cry:

Someone at work asked me 2 weeks back what my favorite FPS was since since I was trying to help him look for games on 360 and my fondest memories were of Perfect Dark. Being able to carry those weapons and the Farsight and Laptop gun. See a room full of people fighting it out? Toss the laptop gun out there and let it do the work for you. Punching people or throwing out N bombs to make people ‘drunk’. Every weapong having a secondary function (I love the double shot Shotgun). I’m probably definitely going to buy the rerelease on Xbox Live.

My most nostalgic moment was when I booted Mass Effect 2 when I was 10 years old.

Hacking on my first snes game, Street Fighter 2. I seem to remember that Sagat was hard as shit, then M.Bison was impossible. Finally beat him with Chun.

Ocean City NJ going to some random arcade and finally playing as M.Bison in Champion Edition for like 30 seconds before getting destroyed by some dude playing as Sagat.

Going to Sportland (a huge fucking arcade in oxford valley PA) and playing Mortal Kombat for the first time, beating X-Men on thier 6 player machine with 5 other people, and punching the shit out of a sonic blast man game. That place was fucking awesome.

Also, the local arcade in the Willow Grove Mall called Challenges. It had all the latest fighting games. I remember hacking on Mortal Kombat 2, Marvel Vs Capcom 1, and Alpha 3.

The XBAND Network on the SNES. When the service was active from 1995-1997, those were the best years of gaming in my life. I had so much fun and made so many friends, and when my name ended up in Tips & Tricks I went berserk and that made me the SHIT at school for awhile.

The first time I played Radiant Silvergun on Saturn. Or Guardian Heroes…

-When me and my cousin were in early elementary school, and we were playing Street Fighter 2 ( can’t remember which version) for NES. We couldn’t beat bison after forever, then our much older cousin in his 20’s came in having never played the game. He picked T-Hawk and button mashed so crazily and he beat bison. it was amazing at the time.

-when gauntlet legends/dark legacy came out on N64, playing 4 players with my bro and cousins, good times.

-when i FINALLY got 120 stars in mario 64 and finally went to go meet yoshi on the roof of the castle.

-when i beat Zelda Ocarina of time in elementary school, and i stared at the “The End” screen for like a half and hour praying that there would be more game play.

-when my older cousin who was a veteran in the old street fighter games, talked crap and challenged me to CvS2. All of my other cousins were watching, and i went A-groove top tiers and ‘shoshosho’'d him with Sakura for the win. i remember winning and just dropping the controller to run away because my older cousin was a sore loser and was gonna rough me up lol

-Halo, xbox, brother and cousins, enough said. most fun multiplayer game of all time if you ask me.

-getting my lvl 50 in lone wolves in halo 3. this was my most recent, last, and best achievement. i stopped playing games pretty much after this, sold my xbox like a year later after barely playing. now all i play is HoN for PC every now and then.

-:d:, R, :u:, L, Y, B on the SNES version of SF2

-WCW vs. NWO Revenge “No DQ” matches with my friends to decide who pays for pizza

-Getting Killer Instinct on SNES as a reward for good grades on my report card

-Saving up ALL of my allowance money to buy Tekken 3 on PS1, I played that game to DEATH

-One of my old co-workers talked hella shit about how good he was in SF so I challenged him to a paycheck match and beat him ($1,000 baby!)

-Beating my friend Louie in a Sourdough Bread Tekken 5 match and seeing him puke with 2 minutes to go :lol:

-Watching my stepdad beat EVERY RE, MGS, and Silent Hill game. He’s beaten all of them at least a month before I could, yet he sucks at every other game known to man.

Ah how could i forget the 4 player WCW vs. NWO Revenge games with my brother and cousin. I would always pick this secret character named “Whoric”, and i would keep doing that roundhouse kick and just knock people out.

Also, when Super smash bros 64 first came out, man that was some intense action. i remember taking my older cousin and brother on with yoshi 2v1 in such intense games

Pretty much every damn game on the Sega Saturn. That system was the shit… My bro bought a ton of games. Man, good times.

Hell yeah, Guardian Heroes was the shit. I remember doing that debug code all the time.

Four player WCW/nWo Revenge matches.

My mates would pick three Wolfpac members and I’d pick Black & White Sting and have to try beat them all.

Also playing tag matches with the unbeatable team of Steiner & Jericho.

-Early sonic games, especially the underwater parts of the levels. I remember beating Sonic 2 at a friend’s house and feeling like a king because no one else could do it.

-My Comix Zone being defective and always resetting at a certain point late in the game.

-Never being able to finish Cool Spot but still having fun playing the first 4 levels over and over.

-Wolverine: Adamantium Rage being the fucking awesomeest thing since awesome came to awesomeville.

-N64 and the magic that was OOT and Goldeneye. Many hours spent with friends playing those two.