What are some party fighters?

I’ve heard SFxT be considered a party fighter because of the whole 2v2 at the same time thing.

Besides Super Smash Bros what other party fighters are there?

MvC3 is pretty great for parties.

wat is a party fighter

I’ve heard people say Super Smash Bros is just a party fighter and not competitive at all. So I assumed it meant something along the lines of not entirely meant to be competitive and allows players of all skill levels to play. Like SF can’t be played by anyone, there is definitely a learning curve for the more competitive fighter.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

Power Stone 1 & 2

I second this it’s just interesting to watch easy to play, mashing just makes cool stuff happen

Smash Bros, Playstation All Stars as well

Some wrestling game, dunno which, I don’t play them personally

guitly gear isuka for ps2?

Some fictional genre made up by cute little forum/stream monsters.

watching this thread


Anarchy Reigns
Sony Smash Bros
Power Stone

No, actually there’s plenty of games that can easily be defined as party fighters, being games that you enjoy at parties. Crazy 4-player combat is the standard for them.

Also, OP, you should also try the Godzilla games. Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee, Godzilla Unleashed, Godzilla Save The Earth, etc.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix/Pocket Fighter.


I remember looking at Pocket Fighter in Street Fighter Alpha Anthology thinking it was a game for weaboos.
I eventually played it and turns out that Pocket Fighter is mad fucking fun and has more fundamentals than SFIV could ever hope to have.
This game needs online play or a port based off of the arcade version or something.

Sugoi Hebereke

When you go to a house party and get drunk and then try to wrestle people, then you’re a party fighter! :party:

This game’s glory is wasted on you, philistine.

The ULTIMATE “Party Fighter” and the only way to learn the ancient Japanese art of the German Suplex!