What are some party fighters?



Def jam ffny

Rakugaki Showtime - PS1 (Import)
It’s a crazy battle arena type game that allows for 4-player versus. Made by Treasure, company of legends that brought us Guardian Heroes, Gunstar Heroes and more. Even has Marina from Mischief Makers as a playable character. It’s available off of the PS1Classics section of the Japanese PSN store.

Marvel vs Capcom 1 - Dreamcast
It’s the MvC1 you all know and love, but the Dreamcast version actually allows for 2v2 tag battles so you can have 4 folks get in on the action at once.

Dream Mix TV! World Fighters - PS2 (Import)
It’s a Smash clone, and a fairly basic one at that. However, it has several characters from Hudson, Konami and Takara (the Japanese Hasbro, basically). Where else are you gonna have a 4-Player battle between Optimus Prime, Solid Snake, Bomberman and Simon Belmont?

Cartoon Network Punch Time Explosion XL - PS3, X360, Wii
Yet another Smash clone, although Supers are earned through the traditional fighter method as opposed to getting some item. Has a large amount of CN greats in it like Johnny Bravo, Samurai Jack, the Power Puff Girls and even Captain Planet. A lot of fun with people who just wanna have a good time and not a serious experience.

If you are looking for just some crazy 1v1 games that anyone can get a kick out of (and not necessarily look for a balanced, serious fighter), then I’d recommend:
Pocket Fighter (PS1, Saturn)
Galaxy Fight (PS1, Saturn, Neo Geo)
Waku Waku 7 (Saturn [flawed], Neo Geo highly preferred)
Astral Superstars (Saturn)
Hokuto no Ken (PS2)
Sengoku Basara X (PS2)
Street Fighter: The Movie (PS2)
Samurai Shodown VI (PS2)
Any Killer Instinct (SNES, N64, Arcade)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy (PS1, Saturn, N64)
Battle Monsters (Saturn)
Jump Super Stars/Jump Ultimate Stars (requires multiple carts + NDS systems)
Eternal Fighter Zero (PC)

I’ve run all of these games at parties with casuals and they’ve all had a tremendous kick out of them. Only one that kinda fell flat was the Saturn version of WW7, but I later picked up the Neo Geo version and it was a blast.

Tekken, SF4, Rise of the Robots etc., games that become much better with alcohol present and a circle of women clapping as the men mash away :party:

Can’t believe no one mentioned this one:


Beat me to it. Games don’t get easier to learn than that.

battle stadium d.o.n
bleach blade battlers 2nd
and lastly there was a zach bell party fighter for the ps2…japan import only, its not mamodo bttles or momodo fury…it went by another name…cant remember even if i actually own it.
and there’s the hitman reborn party fighter too…again can’t remeber the exact title.
all 4 games i mentioned are japan only ps2 titles.

It’s not about whether it’s easy to learn, it’s about whether it’s fun for parties. Button mashing is fun. Doing specific actions is not as fun. And also Divekick is a 2 player game, a party game would be for 4 players.

I’m aware that sometimes you can’t get that but if you’re going to be playing a fighting game at a party it should be as flashy and stupid fun as possible. Bloody Roar might be a good bet.

Don’t start >:(

If you want party fighters, really Smash Bros is your best bet.

Well there’s nothing more of a buzzkill than trying to teach someone the controls. You’d want to get games that are simple. Like Divekick.


Dragonball Z/One Piece/Naruto crossover SSB clone. I thought it was pretty fun.

Playing a game that’s boring is also a buzzkill. Divekick is boring.

Virtua Fighter might lend itself well as a party game. Only three buttons, punch, kick and guard. Don’t have to know anything to play it at the most base casual level, just have to know how to push buttons.

This thread’s asking you to recommend party games, not shitty games.

With a bit of alcohol it could be alright. Fighting games don’t really lend themselves to the party genre anyway. The best party fighting game couldn’t even come close to something like Mario Party.

What makes you think all of these games are shitty?

Yes, some of them are, but I recommended them specifically because I’ve used them at parties and they were a real hit. If you can’t look at a game like Battle Monsters, Dream Mix TV World Fighters, or Street Fighter: The Movie and not understand why it would be fun to play at a party, then I’m sorry - but you are officially boring.

Some of the games I recommended, like all the Sunsoft fighters and Jump series, are actually quite good, too.

SF4 roseball

HnK and Sengoku Basara X are definitely NOT party games.

Anyway I don’t think the OP is looking for people to list the most obscure fighters in existence…the answer to his question is Playstation All-Stars, not much else needed. I’d recommend WWE-All Stars as well.

Yeah, you’re the party authority, I’m sure your SF:TM gatherings are a blast.

Only did it once. Don’t tend to rerun games because I like to keep it fresh.

Thank you for the respect, though, I’m glad you finally learned your place.

I find obscure fighters are the best for parties, because you don’t have to worry about pre-learned skills coming into the equation.

Like, MvC2 would be a perfect party game, but you could only play it with either noobs or vets. Any mix of the two, and it’d be boring for one side and frustrating for the other.